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Motivational Workout Music: Spring 14′ Edition

Solid workout music – An absolute must for a successful workout.

Several studies have been done to show that music helps improve one’s performance in the gym. I have a gym playlist that has 40-50 songs. I keep this list very selective in order to avoid wasting time shuffling songs in between sets. From that playlist, I probably listen to 5-10 of those songs during my heaviest sets. These are my “go to” gems. I suggest everyone follow a similar routine. Keep your playlist updated and drop songs that fall out of your favor. Your “go to” selection should push you to dominate your sets.

Below, I have added some of my top motivational songs. I tend to stick to hip hop/rap & electro music while in the gym. Most of these gems have been released within the past 6 months. Some you have undoubtedly heard. Enjoy.


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