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Realize What Matters in Life

My father passed away on Halloween. Its been a grueling, two-week stretch. After a week in the hospital, unconscious and no hope for recovery, we decided to pull the life support. The trivial things in life are put into perspective when you watch a parent take their last breath. It was a surreal experience, and it has further strengthened my “seize the moment” outlook on life.

Life does not have a predetermined expiration date. There is no guarantee that we will live what one considers a “full life.” Freak accidents kill thousands daily. Disease can strike down anyone, regardless of age.We are only given one life. Why waste even one day being unhappy or not doing what you truly want to do?

Too many people settle early in their 20’s and go through the motions of life. Monday turns into Tuesday, Tuesday into Wednesday, and so on and so forth. The years simply blend together, with no real milestones or goals being accomplished.

Why is this so common?

People are afraid to bet on themselves. Most get anxious and obsessed that they will never find someone as they approach age 30 and beyond. They stay working a dead-end job because it’s safe and they are afraid of the unknown. Pressure to marry way too early leads to internal doubts about a spouse they are not too sure about. Children and debt follow. Verbal disagreements and insane amounts of stress become commonplace.

Americans are bombarded by visions of the “American way,” – spouse, house, child as soon as possible. Social media puts even more pressure on us. My Facebook and Instagram is filled with people uploading photos – hoping for likes and comments to help validate their shaky decisions.

Shrug off this artificial pressure. Don’t be a follower. Live life on your own terms.

Create a bucket list.

Go on vacations.

Take time to explore and go on spontaneous adventures.

Meet new people.

Be picky with your time.


Ask yourself this question – Work aside, how many new people have entered your life in the past year? For most, this number is very small, if not ZERO.

The motto of the settling man is “I’ll do it one day.” One day turns into never, and soon enough you will be old and unable to do the things you should have done in your youth.

Life is short. We are not guaranteed a long future. START today, LIVE tomorrow.


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