The Ultimate Alpha Male Trait Guide
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Become a Social God: The Ultimate Alpha Male Trait Guide

The term “alpha male” brings much confusion in today’s world. Nobody can seem to characterize what it means exactly. 

What are the alpha male traits that actually matter?

An alpha is free first and foremost.

What does free mean?

  • Free from financial debt & restraints
  • Free from social fears
  • Free from opinions of others
  • Free from overbearing authority
  • Free from status obsession
  • Free from conformity
  • Free from irrationality
  • Free of fear of the unknown

Alpha is living life how you want to live it – pursuing goals, passions and fulfillment that maximize your existence.

It’s being a man of action, one who thrives wth the unknown.

Every man has the ability to unleash his inner alpha.

Being alpha is a state of being, a mindset, as well as a lifestyle.

An alpha’s ultimate goal is self-fulfillment.

Boredom, routine, and authority clash with an alpha persona. 

The Ultimate Alpha Male Trait Guide

Most men settle.

They give up on their childhood dreams and passions.

They settle down quickly, submit to authority and spend their entire lives appeasing others (employer, wife, children, etc.).

Society teaches us that this is the correct path to take, that we are “good men” for being selfless.

“Rocking the boat” is looked down upon.

An alpha lives the complete opposite lifestyle of what I have described above.

An alpha is comfortable in his own skin and has decided well ahead of time the life he intends to live. 

Becoming a man of action is not easy, but it will put you ahead of most of your peers immediately.

If you embody half of the below characteristics, you would be ahead of 90% (or more) of men.

Alpha Male Traits

Leader of Men

No characteristic is more prominent among alphas than leadership.

Alphas are natural leaders of men.

They are looked to for advice and to lead others because of their self-assured manner.

When an alpha takes control, he does so in a calm, intelligent manner and is respectful of the advice and opinions of others.

He gives his opinion without being asked, but does not step on any toes or and rarely needs to seek out conflict.

When an alpha takes control of the situation, his decision making always leads to a sound decision.


The alpha shows no fear or nerves, especially in social situations, and is usually the center of attention.

He is never rattled and stays cool under pressure – keeping his emotions in check.

He believes in himself 100%, has no insecurities, and doesn’t give a shit what other people think about him.

An alpha doesn’t care what society wants – he is free of the opinion of others, carving his own path through life.

The alpha never settles and never looks for approval. His ego is in check and prefers to be a value giver – making those around him feel better and more confident.

Mysterious & Unpredictable

Because of his extreme confidence, the alpha comes off as unpredictable and mysterious, especially to women.

He is a man who keeps his cards close to the vest, only divulging what is necessary.

This keeps his associates or sexual exploits on their toes, as they are always left wondering what the alpha is thinking or doing.

This drives females nuts and keeps them engaged and in awe of the alpha.

He never apologizes for his actions or beliefs unless truly in the wrong, and never needs to explain why he does something.

Physically Dominating

The alpha is physically superior to the majority of other males.

He is usually the strongest man in a room, as vigorous exercise and healthy eating is a prominent part of his life.

An alpha needs high energy levels because he is always busy.

Most people in today’s society are mentally lazy and overweight, leaving the physically fit male the pick of the litter when it comes to women.

His overall drive in life ensures that he will never neglect his body.

Conscious Style

The alpha male is always dressed to impress.

Due to above average physical condition and high confidence levels – the alpha can pull off almost any outfit and look.

He looks clean, being well groomed and having an expansive wardrobe suitable for any occasion.

The alpha male knows his dress does not make or break him, however, he does so because he enjoys it and because it embodies his overall drive to be the best person possible.


The alpha male is usually of high intellect.

He is a master manipulator, able to convince those around him in a way that is beneficial.

He is always analyzing – thinking ahead or planning his next course of action.

He is a natural problem solver who is able to quickly dissect a situation and recommend the best course of action.

The alpha male is excellent with “small talk,” as his wide range of knowledge allows him to relate to any individual and do so in a charming way. Whether he is talking with a doctor, scientist or an athlete, the alpha male will be able to fully engage in a meaningful conversation due to his vast experiences and knowledge.

Master Communicator

The alpha man thrives on meeting new people because of his superb communication skills and witty sense of humor.

The alpha male is always nice to other people – even those who he might consider below him.

He is sarcastic, but also maintains the ability to laugh at himself and his mistakes.

He is able to control the room because of his advanced social skills and ability to make everybody around him feel good.

He can morph into many persona’s – Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Storyteller, and Mr. Seducer. The alpha male is interesting, so naturally, those around him are drawn in.

Controlled Emotions

The alpha male never gets overly emotional.

Even when angry or disgusted – he is always in control of his emotions, especially in public.

Long ago, he has learned how to harness negative emotions.

He assesses every situation thoroughly and does not display weakness by arguing unnecessarily or insulting others who do not agree with him.

The alpha is always confident, but never arrogant. He has mastered the line between cocky and confident.

It takes a very unique situation to put the alpha in a negative mood, as he routinely takes life as it comes to him and shrugs off resistance as part of the game of life.

He is the ultimate optimist and thus he is usually unbreakable in all but the rarest of situations.

Successful with Women

Women are in awe of the alpha male.

He is the man portrayed in romance novels and on television shows catered towards women. He is the star of the superhero movie.

He embodies the confident, mysterious persona that drives women crazy. Because the alpha male is 100% self-assured – he is not needy or possessive with women, which is the opposite of 90% of males.

Women won’t admit it, but an alpha is always their #1 target.

Most will settle with a beta husband, due to perceived safety and lack of alphas among the general population.

These submissive men will cater to every demand of their woman, sacrificing their own goals and happiness int he process.

Women love this at first, but loath it after a while. They quickly lose respect (and eventually attraction) for such weakness.

The alpha male doesn’t need multiple women for true happiness, but never has trouble getting them.

He knows he brings a rare quality set to the game – women should be chasing him and not the other way around.

Aside from his natural charm, the alpha male does not buy expensive gifts and dinners for a woman, because he knows this is completely unnecessary.

Being charming, funny and confident is all the woman needs.

The alpha is respectful and protective of women, but does not throw himself at them or give them unnecessary attention that will give them an edge (again, the opposite of most guys).

Women feel immediate comfort when around an alpha male. They know they are safe and that no harm will come to them when in this man’s presence.

The alpha male (if single) has many women in his life. Women sense this, and it makes them even more attracted.

Women search far and wide for a qualified man, one who is not easily impressed.  

Due to their competitive nature, women naturally want to “beat out” other women for the rights of the alphas attention.

His elite sperm is the draw- as a healthy, charming, dominant male is perceived to be an above average mate to bear children with.

 This is a subconscious, primitive desire among  women. These feelings are more prominent in the presence of an alpha, because he differs so much from the shy, weak men who dominate society.


The alpha male never blames other people for his failures, faults, or actions.

The alpha male is accountable for everything in his life, admits when he is wrong, and views everything as a temporary setback.

Nothing is permanent for the alpha – he always learns and grows from his experiences and believes he will eventually push through and overcome adversity.

The alpha male is a natural risk taker, as he believes that the only way to learn and grow in life is to experience life, embrace the unknown, and constantly challenge his belief system.

He lives life with a purpose.

Superb Body Language

When an alpha male enters a room, everybody notices.

He takes a “space-eating” posture:

  • Legs spread wide
  • Arms expanded
  • Head slightly tilted upward
  • Impeccable posture, and his eyes lock on to whoever receives his attention.

The alpha male moves deliberately– everything is slowed down, including his speech, breath, and gestures.

He is a master of conversation– able to control the pace of a conversation, and use non-verbal movements to make his intentions known.

He talks deeply and smoothly to maximize his seductive tendencies (especially with women). He is not easily startled or easily impressed.

Strong Values

The alpha male has a strong set of values and beliefs.

He knows what defines him and does not hesitate when asked about his core set of values.

The alpha has long ago developed his creed and mission statement, and spends his days working feverishly towards those goals.

He does not belittle or poke fun at those physically or mentally lesser than him.

He is goal oriented; always striving to achieve more in life.

The alpha male is never satisfied – professionally or personally, and maintains the highest of achievable standards.

He lives to constantly learn and improve, but will not compromise his morals in his quest for ultimate success.

The alpha male dreams big and believes anything is possible with hard work, concentration, and a relentless will to achieve.

A self-starter, he can easily motivate himself to pursue an idea or challenge persistently and passionately because his drive is usually unmatched among his peers.

Bottom Line

People think alpha and immediately think of being great with women. While this is usually true, there is much more to it than that.

An alpha is well-rounded and well-versed and needs to be able to dabble in many different areas.

In summary, an alpha male embodies:

  • Leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Unpredictability
  • Physical Fitness
  • Style
  • Intellect
  • Superior Communicator
  • Steady Emotions
  • Master with Women
  • Responsible
  • Expert Body Language
  • Strong Values

Your goal?

Pursue your passions and find self-fulfillment. Work on yourself – mentally and physically – every day.

Be the best man you can be, and watch the pieces fall into place.

Talk soon,

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