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Tinder Tips for Success

Back in June, I wrote my Alpha Guide to Online Dating profiling two dating websites; Plenty of Fish (POF) and OKC. I still regularly check those two sites, but noticed a substantial drop off in quality over the summer. I attribute this to the weather plain and simple. Come summer, girls want to run wild and free and do not want boyfriends for the most part. As the weather turns colder in the fall and into the winter; girls tend to bunker down and hit the dating sites harder (remember, I live in the Northeast).

Cuffin season is where a sharp player kills it.

As the time I released my Guide I had yet to dabble in Tinder. That changed in July. In order to have Tinder, you need an active Facebook account. It pulls your first name and age from your profile. When you swipe for matches, it will show any common friends and interests (those Facebook pages you like, i.e. brands, businesses, etc). Nothing else shows from Facebook so you don’t have to worry about that.

I uploaded 5 photos above average photos of myself, including one with friends. I did write-up a brief, witty summary like what I have on OKC and POF. From there, you browse through endless women and swipe either left (don’t like) or right (like). You only can talk to someone if both of you like one another. At that point, you can chat with them.

I’m pretty picky on who I swipe, but nonetheless I have 250+ matches. I have only engaged or attempted to engage with maybe 10% of this group.

I quickly try to get the conversation switched over to text message and then try to set-up a date ASAP. Don’t send any creepy, sexually charged openers. There is simply no need, save that stuff for later. Through my experiences, risky and cocky openers are over the top and will alienate girls who would otherwise be into you. I have several girl friends that have this app, so sadly I have seen the other side. It’s not pretty, as most guys put up clown pics and send clown messages. Don’t be those guys.


Here are my top Tinder Tips:

Tinder has better looking girls than OKC and POF

I have read about this and have now seen it with my own eyes. I believe it has a lot to do with the ease of set-up and use, as well as the fact that there is less perceived stigma with this app as opposed to a full-blown dating site. Lots of girls don’t take Tinder serious, thus the girls are plentiful and are hot as hell.

Tinder has a lot more quality girls overall than OKC and POF

Beware however, as this leads to more flakes and time wasters. Some girls simply use Tinder as a “Hot or Not” feature or an ego boost when they are feeling shitty about themselves. After some practice, you will be able to easily separate those who are down to actually meet up and those who simply want to send a message every other day with no intentions of ever meeting up with people. a good % won’t even respond to your messages, even though they swiped right for you.

Easily use Facebook to get more information on a Match

Ever wish you had more pictures instead of the 3-4 grainy, friend-ridden photos the girl has provided? Enter Facebook.

The Facebook search feature is second to none. As I mentioned in my Guide – try to get key pieces of information such as current city, hometown, school, etc. Plug this info into Facebook’s advanced search feature. More times than not, the girl will come up in the search results and depending on the privacy of their profile, you may be able to see multiple photos and/or other info.

TIP: Say you match with a girl named Lisa. You see you are both Facebook friends with Tom. You can then go to Tom’s friends list and search for Lisa, and she’ll come up that way. It’s as simple as that.

Use “Moments” to your advantage

Tinder has three tabs.

The first is where you swipe left or right.

The second is your list of Matches/Conversations.

The third has photos you upload called “My Moments.” You are allowed to upload ANY photo you want and your matches can see this at the top of the middle tab for 24 hours.

Your matches will see this and can either swipe left or swipe right. Swiping left does nothing, but swiping right means they ‘Like’ the photo, and this will show up under your Moment tab (similar to a Facebook like). You do not get an alert if someone swipes left. To me, this serves as a sort of double verification system. If you noticed someone who continuously likes your Moments, that means they are chomping at the bit for you to message them. Take advantage.

Settings are key

Make sure you adjust your age range and location range settings. I keep it to 10 miles distance, and a pretty generous age range. If you want to narrow it down even further, try a 2-5 mile range. Always be thinking about logistics. Having a girl or two who live walking distance from your place is the goal.


Tinder is simple. It is a casual “dating” app that has widespread use. You can consistently succeed using it, just trudge through the flakes and pretenders. Send out a ton of messages, quickly get numbers, and set up dates. Once you get the girl out, you should be able to wow her with your game. Good luck.



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