Book Review - The Flinch

The Flinch (Review)

The Flinch by Julien Smith

The Flinch is a quick read; more an essay than a“book” (40 or so pages).

It will take you 30 or so minutes to read.

The best part?

As of today, the book is only $2.99 on Amazon!

When finished, you will reflect deeply about your life and the path you are currently on. I have read it multiple times.


Let’s first define ‘flinch:’

to show fear: to hesitate from doing something unpleasant or dangerous

Written by Julien Smith in 2011, the message of the book is simple:

Face your inner fears and stop being controlled by the natural tendencies within each of us to avoid challenging or uncomfortable tasks in life (referred to as “the flinch”).

The flinch is ever present in any uncomfortable situation; always casting doubt on our decision making and unconsciously telling us to play it safe (flight mechanism) and not embark on anything dangerous, difficult or new.

The brain hates new or unknown scenarios – it jives with its primary purpose, which is keeping us safe at all costs.

When you give into the flinch, you’re accepting safety and the comfort of the status quo.

The flinch pressures us to settle because that keeps us “free” of perceived “danger”.

It clouds our future and damages our self-awareness.

Julien argues, however, that this “danger” and “pain” is just what we need.

By never challenging our self-created barriers, we are unable to utilize the lessons and experiences that can be drawn from our present condition.

Julien cites the example of a child burning his hand on a stove.

Through this painful, traumatic experience – the child now knows not to repeat that action and is better for it.

The Flinch by Julien Smith

Failing at something is never a bad thing if looked at in the right frame of mind. To fail is to try again, but with more determination and dedication.

The willingness to take the risk in the first place is the true measure of success.

You should embrace fear, pain, and the unknown instead of avoiding it.

The flinch tells you to keep things the same – do not initiate any radical changes, whether good or bad.

Ask yourself – are you really happy?

Is this the life you planned?

Challenging your thought process is the enemy of the Flinch.

Most avoid the tough decisions in life, fail to challenge their belief systems (even if they are unhappy), and basically continue on down a road that becomes regrettable later in life. This is the classic case of settling.

Unhappy relationships.

Unhealthy friendships.

Dead-end jobs.

Fear of new people

Fear of new relationships.

The Flinch is there to make sure you avoid change. 

The Flinch by Julien Smith

Julien gives some awesome examples that will teach you how to control your flinch in a positive way.

If applied, you will be stronger, you will be more outgoing and confident, and your career will most likely improve.

More importantly – you will be HAPPIER.

  • Stop getting in your own way.
  • Stop settling.
  • Get uncomfortable.

Spend 30 minutes and read this cheap book. You will not be disappointed.

Buy The Flinch HERE

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