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The Usefulness of Regret

The Usefulness of Regret

Reading Time: 4 minutesRegret is a mystifying emotion. Often lamented as a time waster, regret does have its utility if properly harnessed. Emotions, both negative and positive, are part of human nature. They are inescapable. The key lies in being able to “domesticate” them; to use emotions to your tactical advantage. Regret is one such emotion. You’ve been taught to regret nothing in ... Read More »

Avoiding Eternal Despair: Missed Opportunities

Avoiding Eternal Dispair: Missed Opportunities

Reading Time: 7 minutesAs you get older, you think about what could have been. If complacent early in life, missed opportunities will eat away at you. In our youth, we have the time and freedom to explore, grow, and learn. As we age, however, societal burdens and pressures increase, leaving less time (and opportunity) to change our current situation. This is not to ... Read More »