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Napoleon: On Reading Books

Napoleon and the Importance of Reading

Napoleon, the greatest general to ever live, was a relentless reader and connoisseur of books. He favored the classics and could never get enough of books written about his two heroes; Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. Like most men of history, Napoleon embraced reading as a boy, which helped to foster one of the most innovative mind’s the world ... Read More »

Reading to Understand Human Nature

Reading to Understand Human Nature

Recently, when skimming through Tim Ferris’ podcasts, I stopped at Episode #187. His guest was Jocko Willink, ex-Navy SEAL (read more on Jocko here), and since this was Jocko’s second appearance, he spent the episode answering listeners questions in a Q&A format.  Jocko was asked what types of books he reads and his answer was particularly interesting to me. As ... Read More »

The Importance of Knowledge Recordkeeping

The Importance of Knowledge Recordkeeping

As men, our legacy often overwhelms our thoughts. We find ourselves pondering, “What will I leave behind once I’m gone?” Foremost, we wish to provide for those we care about. This is a mandatory principle of masculinity – being able to both live comfortably and financially support loved ones. However, there is another legacy we can leave behind. Aside from accomplishment, wealth, or even ... Read More »

The Dangers of Motivation (and How to Protect Yourself from Imbalance)

Dangers of Motivation

I’ve spoken at length for the need to self-educate. Our school system does not adequately prepare us for a happy, prosperous life. I’ve emphasized how reading the right books will guarantee you some level of success. But there is a catch. Learning is worthless unless we apply what we learn. Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You sit down, open a web ... Read More »

The Benefits of Reading Every Single Day

The Benefits of Reading Daily (Shameless Pride)

I wasn’t passionate about reading until after I graduated college. I read because my teachers told me I needed to read a book. Once I began taking A 2+ hour round trip commuter rail rides to work, I began to plow through books regularly. My interests vary. I am a lover of history, especially military and war books. I read ... Read More »