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Why Uncertainty is a Good Thing

Most people live a fear-based existence, constantly worrying about the uncertainty of the future. Thoughts around death, lack of money and family consume the average person. Everyone is obsessed with positive outcomes. Society is obsessed with uncertainty and the result is anxiety, unhappiness, and a fear of the unknown. The only certainty is that the future is an unscripted journey …

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5 Styles Tips Every Man Needs

I see countless guys every day, walking around with no sense of style. I just shake my head. Sadly, most men in their mid-20’s (like myself) never learned how to dress impressively. Basic grooming also seems to be non-existent.Your appearance should SCREAM – confident, successful, powerful. Below are 5 quick, cheap, BASIC style tips that every man needs. 1) Hair …

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The Ultimate Guide: Macronutrients for Beginners

Macronutrients for Beginners

I never heard the word “macronutrient” once in my entire schooling. It’s a travesty how misguided the curriculum is. Good nutrition is woefully covered, but is the most important component of a healthy life.  Read: 5 Crucial Life Skills You’re Not Taught in School (and How to Learn Them) So what is a macronutrient? You have undoubtedly heard this term before, but …

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