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Choose the Strenuous Life

Chaos and slothful tendencies lead to a distracted, unorganized life. If we aren’t willing to put in the hard work necessary for success, then we will never accomplish anything meaningful. Years will pass, accomplishments will be scarce. Maybe this is the kind of life we truly desire. The easy life – one filled with Xbox, Netflix, couch, and sleep. Or maybe …

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Working Hard the Right (and Smart) Way

Learning Hard Work the Right (and Smart) Way

We have it all wrong. The way we approach success is faulty. Our focus is on the final product, the end game. We’ve lost sight of the process. The blueprint is simple. It’s been widely available for years. What is it you ask? HARD WORK! That’s it? There has to be more to it! Nope, that’s it. A daily process of hard work …

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