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The Futility of Self-Importance (and How to Cure it)

The Futility of Self-Importance (and How to Cure it)

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You are out with a group of friends, having a discussion about where to go out for the night. Everyone is throwing out ideas, and when it comes to your suggestion, the group laughs and dismisses it as being foolish. Think about how you felt. Did you feel a chill come over your body? ... Read More »

Fulfillment is Key: Finding Balance in a Hectic World

Fulfillment is Key

What if I told there was a simple life hack that would improve your hunger and passion? A daily task so easy, that it almost seems like fool’s gold. This life hack will not only help you stay focused and appreciative, but will also help feed your fulfillment and feelings of worth. This life hack is simple; it’s called gratitude. I’ve ... Read More »