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On Women: Mindset & Mastery

On Women: Mindset & Mastery

Most men lead lives of quite desperation when it comes to their relationships with women. No cause looms larger than that of misguided and outright incorrect assumptions and exceptions. Laziness combined with entitlement is the status quo among so many confused men.  Below we will explore the goals of this series, and begin to explore the necessary self-assessment you must ... Read More »

5 Signs You’re In a Toxic Relationship

Most people enter relationships thinking it will last forever. The first few months are the well-known honeymoon phase. Neither person can do no wrong and the newness of the relationship keeps everything exciting. However, as time passes – you could be left with someone whom you are not compatible with. Worse yet – you might sacrifice your values, standards and sense of ... Read More »

Shades of a Single Man – Which are You?

Being single can be a remarkable time in one’s life – filled with casual encounters, spontaneity, and unforgettable memories. The single man has no responsibilities to anyone other than himself, and is free to come and go as he pleases. Being single (combined with the extra bonus of being young) is the time to make questionable decisions, learn from mistakes, ... Read More »

The Hot Crazy Matrix – Hunting for Unicorns

If you haven’t seen the Hot Crazy Matrix explained – see below for the video. The guy in the video draws out a graphical depiction with a women’s level of crazy on the vertical axis and her level of hotness on the horizontal access and discusses what group lies in different parts of the chart. The concept is great and ... Read More »

Flaking: Excuses to Make You Laugh

Flaking. It happens to all of us. It can happen after you get a phone number. It can happen after you have sex with a woman. It can happen after months of seeing one another. Nobody is safe and nobody is immune. A women’s conscience simply does not feel anything when they flake on a guy. I’ve come to realize that ... Read More »

The Abundance Theory & Burnout

As I approach one year of gaming out girls, I wanted to take some time to reflect on where I was, and where I now am. When I got out of a long term relationship a year ago, I was like most guys – seemingly lost and apprehensive about talking to women. I had spent a good amount of my ... Read More »

Alpha Phrase Series: A Man with Options

This is Part I of a series where I describe Alpha Phrases that I use with women, and that WORK with women. The Scene Picture this. You are out for drinks with a cute girl. The conversation is going great, the alcohol is flowing, and both of you are having a great time. The vibe of the interaction gives you ... Read More »

How to Deal with Rejection in a Casual Relationship

We all want to be wanted. Especially by women. The fear of rejection is the #1 hindrance for men, and can be blamed for the lack of success for many. Those who do well with women attributed it to the “outcome independence” theory – where we go into each and every interaction with zero expectations. If rejection occurs, it is ... Read More »

The Mantras Every Single Man Needs

The Mantras Every Single Man Needs

Being single has it’s up’s and down’s for sure. Some nights, it feels like you’ve reached the pinnacle of life. Other nights, not so much. It’s a game, a back and forth battle of excitement and despair. The key indicator of success is your mindset. You must be both open-minded and resilient. The most successful single men are able to ... Read More »

Taking Women Home: The Importance of Logistics

When I became single again and began to venture out to meet women, I did not place a high emphasize on logistics. I wasn’t concerned about what I would do if I met someone, only IF I would meet someone. After countless dates and a good amount of failures – I realized that logistics are the single most important piece ... Read More »