Rob Gronkowski – Alpha Male

If you follow professional football – Rob Gronkowski is a household name. The best tight end in football and on a Hall of Fame trek – Gronkowski is also a fun-loving party animal who offers no apologies for his cavalier attitude and crazy antics off the field. The guy plays football at the highest level week after week and although a wild child; never gets in trouble off the field. It’s easy to tell that Gronk crushes it with women due to his size, good looks, and overall charm and masculine nature. Rob Gronkowski is the epitome of an alpha male.

That being said, Gronk will be appearing on this week’s episode of Top Chef (Bravo Channel).

In the clip here, watch Gronk’s body language and the confident, playful way he flirts with show host Padma Lakshmi.

Gronk screams of a man who has slept with many beautiful women, and has the bravado, innuendo and physical dominance that leave women breathless. Gronk speaks without a filter, does what we wants, and constantly surrounds himself with beautiful women.

Take note.


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