Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

The movie, “The Matrix,” introduced us to the terms “red and blue pill.”

It has since developed a cult following- what do the terms mean?

Blue Pill

Blue pill means accepting everything as truth. You do not challenge the norm. You do not ask “why” or question the “what,” just unconsciously accept the world as presented to you. You go about your days living in ignorance and foster a state of blind hopefulness that life will “work out the way it’s meant to be.”

The Blue pill offers very little variety – as most of your days will blend together because who have no desire to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

Here are some examples:

  • You have a job you don’t love, yet refuse to change it due to a variety of bullshit excuses.
  • You have an average relationship with friends and family.
  • You don’t change your habits or push through challenges.
  • You lack independence and the ability to live life on your own terms.

Morpheus The Matrix Quotes

Society tells you to conform to the norm because it maintains order in society.

From an early age, social conditioning teaches us that we can find happiness and success through following the crowd.  The reality however, is that this simply keeps our society functioning.

Think of this: If every person reached the pinnacle of personal success, then many roles would go unfilled and society as a whole would collapse. The “system” is designed to keep everybody believing in the benefits of the status quo.

Red Pill

Red pill mentality is the opposite,an “awakening.” You are inquisitive, challenge authority, and want “more.” Your life has a quantifiable purpose, and you make calculated moves. You are constantly asking “what” and “why.”

A red pill male shares many comparable traits with an alpha male. 

You see the flaws and fundamental issues wrong with the world and find it baffling as to why everyone goes about their daily lives never challenging such issues. You have your own ideas and beliefs that are unshakable, leading you to think differently than the majority of the population.

A red pill male is comfortable with the unknown – as you have supreme confidence that following your own life plan will lead to happiness, even if it jives with societies’ traditional views and roles. You seek to understand pain, discomfort, and limitations, not because you enjoy this, but to better yourself.

Bottom Line

It’s much easier to carry on in life with a blue pill mentality.

You avoid risk and seldom do anything scary or risky. You might live a happy life, but you’ll feel a void due to the seemingly mundane existence you have chosen to represent.

Morpheus The Matrix Quotes

Excuses are the core of a blue pill mentality.

You may complain, bitch, and moan – but do nothing in the end because you are uncomfortable with change. You stay living in ignorance because it is easier and because society tells you that it’s okay and “normal.” You simply exist.

Red pill or blue pill – which do you choose?

Unplug today.

Talk soon,

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