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Preconceived Notions and the Princess Mentality

Most women have preconceived notions on what to expect from men.

Times have drastically changed.

This isn’t the early 1900’s, or even the 1950’s or 60’s; a time where women in America were voiceless and marginalized.

Women are no longer viewed as homemakers on a lower status level than men.

Instead, they are now equal in status – getting stronger every year.

However, while their expectations have increased – their own internal efforts towards men have dropped tremendously in the past several decades.

Out of Wack Expectations

Preconceived expectations are opinions and beliefs before a given situation. It’s an inherit bias towards something before experiencing it. 

This is often dangerous, as reality usually doesn’t line up with these preconceived beliefs.

We don’t have an authentic experience if we already discount or credit something beforehand.

This can lead to disappointment.

I always try (but not always succeed) to go into most situations with a clear head and an open mind, preferring to do my analyzing and judging after the experience.

As far as women’s expectations of men – there is a lot of wrong out there.

Where the Problem Lies

Some women have a “princess mentality” – A head full of unrealistic expectations (created in childhood) due to decades of social conditioning. This entitlement has grown in recent years, and these women have a poor attitude – expecting high levels of attention and borderline worshiping.

They expect to be spoiled with monetary items and to be put on a pedestal.

They demand men court, and court hard. 

Preconceived Notions of Women
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Expensive dinners, gifts, verbal affirmations – these women want this immediately, before they man even knows if the women is worth his time (or he worth her time).

In my experiences, a lot of these women do not first qualifying themselves as desirable beyond looks and personality.

Don’t get me wrong – looks matter greatly.

But attitude is important and these women do not want to WORK for attention or affection.

This is not ALL women, but there is a solid amount that feels this way.

It’s a sense of entitlement that needs to stop.

Why is this Happening?

America has a beta male problem.

These men, often Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) rush to defend women at every turn. They are subservient by nature, putting their needs, wishes, and desires second to women. 

They sacrifice their pride, manhood, and wallet – usually to no avail.

These men are mostly lonely, inexperienced, and sexless; thinking this is the right way to get sex. They think spending money or being subservient is the “key to a woman’s heart” and will make them happy and satisfied in life.

Here’s a secret…

Women, despite what they say, are disgusted by this sort of behavior. It plays for a bit, but they soon grow tired of it, and will quickly disengage to chase an alpha male.

Men do not need to treat a woman like a princess to get sex or an eventual relationship. Confidence, humor, and physical appearance win almost every time.

Men should never offer to buy women drinks, food, or anything for that matter unless it will be reciprocated from the woman at some future time.

Any type of relationship, whether sexual (casual) or monogamous (serious) should be viewed as an “equal partnership.”

I have made this clear – gestures of affection will go BOTH WAYS.

Almost every girl has no issue with this and actually preferred it. 

It must be communicated up front – you will not be an ATM, chauffeur, or emotional blanket. Things will go both ways – you are both equal in status.

Here is how I usually operate:

  • If I meet somebody for the first time, we split drinks.
  • If I have a girlfriend, I expect to pick up a bill one night, and have her pick up the bill the next time.
  • I expect the gift giving to go both ways. I expect surprises and in turn I will give out surprises.
  • I have and always will act like a gentleman, and make a woman feel safe, protected, and worthwhile. But I will not accept someone who does not feel they also need to impress me just as equally.

Moving Forward

Men face an uphill battle with the princess mentality. Social media and traditional marketing (commercials and ads) goes to great lengths to cultivate this among women, as it fuels consumerism.

Movies and television shows also portray these silly expectations.

Every movie or show ends with a male apologizing, or offering to do something special to “be forgiven.”

The movie “Hall Pass” is a great example of this. Two married men are given a “Hall Pass” by their wives – a week off from marriage where they can have sex with other women.

What happens?

The men have no game and do not have sex with any women. They act goofy and do’t have it in them to cheat.

Meanwhile, the two women are out partying, meeting men, and having a grand time. One of the women sleeps with a younger man as well.

At the end of the film, the woman (Christina Applegate), gets into a car accident. Her husband rushes to her, promising to change and be a better husband, all the while she was the one who was unfaithful.

It is a classic example of the propaganda that has devastated masculinity in America.

In other films, woman characters are always spoiled and “swept off their feet,” painting a picture that does not mirror reality.

You rarely see women chasing men – earning their attention.


It’s a turn off and most a deal breaker if I meet somebody for the first time and see that they do not agree with this logic.

Again, weak-minded, thirsty beta males empower these women. They come to expect such entitlement and it flows through to everyone she will meet.

My favorite line is, “well, most guys do….

It infuriates me.

What does it even mean?

I make it very clear that I am not most guys (you should too). It’s a weak statement that women use to try to bait and shame men.

Men today feel as if they have to go the extra mile to win a woman’s heart (or get in their pants), usually by spending excess amounts of money on food, drinks, gifts, etc.

If someone is genuinely interested in you – money will not matter.

Gestures will go both ways.

Preconceived Notions for Women
                                                                              Dan Rocha via Flickr

They will not expect you to pay for everything and be proud that you treat them as an equal.

The overwhelming majority are attracted to a man who is not going to give into their needs and desires at the drop of a dime.

Make them work for your affection. 

Stop worshiping today – leave that to the weaker men.

Hopefully one day they will learn too.

Talk soon,

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