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Over the past year, I’ve sent out a weekly dose of mind-stretching articles, resources, books, and analysis.

Shameless Pride is devoted to understanding the key question of:

How can we optimize our life to achieve maximum fulfillment and satisfaction?

My goal is to help you thrive and reach peak performance – a state which will help you maximize your life through a focused sense of purpose, and enriched fulfillment in your relationships and career.

Shameless Pride is about more than fast clicks and time-wasting articles – I pride myself on providing content that will help you solve a specific issue, or at least think about a problem through a different lens. Check out some of my work to see what I mean.

The Brain Quench newsletter goes out on Sunday, and it has any new articles I’ve written (to save you time). I give you my “Thought of the Week” – a focused musing that I find relevant for the week. It also includes 2-3 of the best articles I read that week, compiled from a variety of trustworthy sources.

Finally, I recommend books and podcasts. My compulsion for reading leads me to countless books that have provided me with lasting utility – books I love share with my readers.

One more thing…

Brain Quench will help you develop mental models to optimize and enhance your time. I conduct thought-provoking research and writing so you don’t have to! I seek to help you answer some of life’s most daunting questions, such as:

Are you spending your time doing what matters most to you?

What drives you?

What is your mission in life?

What are your immediate & long-term goals?

What makes you tick and gives you a sense of purpose?

Let me filter out the garbage that has corrupted our modern-day media content. As I do on Shameless Pride, my newsletter synthesizes and shapes relevant, timeless content to present you with actionable advice that you can put to use immediately. 

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