The Mantras Every Single Man Needs

The Mantras Every Single Man Needs

Being single has it’s up’s and down’s for sure. Some nights, it feels like you’ve reached the pinnacle of life. Other nights, not so much. It’s a game, a back and forth battle of excitement and despair. The key indicator of success is your mindset. You must be both open-minded and resilient. The most successful single men are able to quickly shake off failure and move on. If you are in a poor mindset, you get hung up on your failures and let the negativity overwhelm you. Frustration builds up and you fall into a funk.

You also must figure out the kind of man you are. If you find yourself in relationship after relationship (that fail), then you are someone who likes the comfort and stability of being with one person. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, however, I recommend you date a lot of women before settling down. Otherwise, how do you know what you really want? If you find yourself falling for the first girl you meet, you most certainly have OneitisTo overcome this, you must improve your sociability and do your best to meet new, interesting women.

Finally, if you recently got out of a long-term relationship, you need to begin the process of improving yourself before you attempt to get back in the game. I’d start with figuring out your weaknesses, and attacking them. Improve yourself physically and mentally. Regain your focus and drive and then get out there and meet new women. You always come first. women.

When it comes to women, you need to subscribe wholeheartedly to the abundance theory. You must NEVER sacrifice your values for someone else. Your needs should always come first. Your happiness is dependent on you, and those who have the privilege to enjoy life with you are simply companions on your journey. Women adore the man who knows his worth. They loathe the man that makes them the center of their world.

Do not forget that!

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Mantras for the Single Man

The mantras below form the basis of my core beliefs and values in regards to women. Before you get to that point, you must first internalize the following belief structure:

  • I am the center of my world. There is a never ending supply of women, and it is up to me to find the one that I want. There is no timetable for this. I will wait until I have all the qualities I desire in a woman. She will understand that she is a sidekick to my life, and not someone in which I need to rely on to survive. 

  • I will meet as many women as possible, and all the while I will keep myself as the #1 priority. I will work on my physical and mental state incisively, and won’t be stopped from obtaining my goals; personally, financially, or career-orientated.

  1. I will not act needy with women.

  2. I will not chase women.

  3. I will not sacrifice my beliefs, principles, or core values to be accepted by a woman.

  4. I will not pretend to be anything other than my true self.

  5. I will not worry about the outcome of the interactions I have with woman. The sheer volume of attractive women in the population allows me to think this way.

  6. I will not blow money on unfamiliar women in an attempt to impress women. My money will not get me sex. I know if my game is top-notch, wasting money is unnecessary.

  7. I will not feel ashamed for wanting to have sex with women I meet and find physically attractive.

  8. I will not play mental games with women or lose my cool with any immaturity, flakiness, or shit tests. I am a mature, rational man. I have no time for this.

  9. I will maximize my appearance through a vigorous workout routine, a stylish wardrobe, and sharp grooming habits.

  10. I will enhance and maximize my appearance by practicing good posture.

  11. I will do my best to be conscious of my body language and always try to maintain a masculine physical frame.

  12. I will seize upon every opportunity I am given. I won’t care about the actions and opinions of others – I cannot control that. I will not be influenced by the media or any other medium. I am my own man, and I will continue this way for the rest of my days.

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What are some of your personal beliefs that you believe are a necessity to being a happy, single man? List them below!!

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