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Smash Through Your Comfort Zone

You hardly take any risks.

You fiercely love (and defend) your comfort zone.


Sound familar?

You need to break loose of the shackles.

You owe it to yourself.

What’s the worst that can happen?

What do you have to lose?

Repeat the above questions a few times in your mind. Make sense of the words.

Fear is imaginary, a product of prehistoric biology and social conditioning. 

Taking risks is mandatory. 

You’ve been taught to embrace falsehoods and doubts, fearful of trying new experiences.

Think hard about your daily life.

I bet it’s pretty repetitive huh?

Days merge into weeks; weeks into months.

How many memorable days or experiences can you recall in the past year?




You embark on the same safe routine day after day after day.

You have complete control over your environment and you like it that way.

Smash Through Your Comfort Zone

The Art of the Comfort Zone

You prefer to be comfortable  – and why wouldn’t you?

Past beliefs and events have shaped your current understanding of the world.

This has made your life predictable, boring, and limited.

Opportunities are missed.

Relationships are weak.

40 years from now, you will reflect on “what could have been.”

Embracing the comfort zone is a natural instinct to protect against the unknown.

Your brain tells you this is okay because it means safety (See The Flinch Review).

You subconsciously rely on the past to control your present and ultimately, dictate the future.

These preconceived notions that have worked for you over and over again.

How can you change this dangerous mindset?

Get Uncomfortable.

Challenge yourself.

Become curious.

Try a new food.

Talk to a stranger on the street.

Question the beliefs which define you.

The sense of pride one gets from overcoming self-created boundaries are second to none.

It took me a long time to realize how limited my experiences were, due to me not wanting to ever leave my comfort zone.

I thought I knew what I liked, knew what worked, knew what made me happy.

I was indifferent and dismissive to new thoughts, ideas, or suggestions. I thought I knew it all and didn’t need those things. Simply put – I was AFRAID.

There was a snowball effect once I escaped.

I started with little things at first, victories that slowly helped me realize that being uncomfortable was a good thing.

My goal is to get to a point where I have no mental restrictions or excuses.

But you must have a flexible belief system.

Don’t tie yourself down to one thought or way of thinking. With this change in thinking comes a more dynamic lifestyle.

Your confidence goes through the roof.

You learn new ideas, experience new places, and associate with new people.

It’s pure euphoria – a high that I cannot explain.

Smash Through Your Comfort ZoneThink of something you want.

A goal, a destination, a woman; a desire that has entered your mind countless times in the past, before you determined it was “too risky” or  “a waste of time.”

Envision walking up to the beautiful girl at the gym.

Imagine closing your eyes and pointing to a spot on a map, and then planning a vacation there, or speaking confidently to a room full of 100 about a new product at work.

Your life is your responsibility.

You can too it.

Get to work.

Does this sound like you? How did you break free from your old way of thinking? Share below!

Talk soon,

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