Learning Self-Discipline (4 Life Areas of Focus)

Learning Self-Discipline (4 Life Areas of Focus)

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When self-discipline is weak or non-existent, frustration sets in. What results is what we commonly refer to as a “rut.” When we do not understand the process, we wallow in inconsistency. If prolonged, this inconsistency turns to self-disgust.

Learning self-discipline will change your life – it may not be the catalyst you remember the most, but it will be pretty close.

Self-discipline is the learned ability to complete a task both consistently, achieved through effective repetition.

To become truly self-disciplined, you must produce every day – becoming regimented, and one with your routine.

Learning Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is forged – it is a skill in and of itself, and must be treated as such. Self-discipline requires learning and practice, prerequisites for complete mastery over the self.

Peak consistency is the goal.  Read about any famous writer or creative type – they have a strict, detailed regimen they adhere to every single day.  

Our lives are busy. Having a system in place allows for less menial thinking, which in turn saves brain power and creative functions for critical thinking.

Systems are the product of self-disciple – a structure of steps and sequences that are preformed on a recurring basis that either simplify or enhance your life. This can range from the mundane, washing clothes, buying food, etc., to the important, reading, writing, creating.

A system ensures discipline and focus. By learning about successful systems, we can often replicate the steps, bringing this discipline to our own lives.

Without self-discipline, you will get disgusted and feel defeated. At it’s worse, this will lead to self-hatred.

Life feels overwhelming due to poor time management and a lack of structure. This is the crux of poor self-discipline, and correcting this will correct your negative thoughts and feelings.

If you separate your life into buckets (family life, work life, recreational life, religious life, etc.) – you quickly realize balance is mandatory – without a well-rounded approach, the lacking area of your life will weight down the areas that are excelling.

The four areas below are far from the only ones you need to be in control of. However, in my opinion, they are the most vital, and most susceptible to sloppiness and weakness.

It begins with killing the noise around you.


Status chasing has caused the downfall of many a great man. We are preconditioned to always want “more.” Keeping up with the Joneses is alive and well in modern society, and will continue to get worse .

Learning Self-Discipline - StatusWe envy friends and family– envious of their success and status on society’s “totem pole.” This flawed mindset leads to status/competition anxiety – needing more possessions, more wealth, more prestige – in order to find fulfillment and happiness. It’s a self-defeating trick, as the high of material possessions quickly wears off and the same issues, deficiencies and fears still plague you.

Have an internal focus – compare your current self to your previous self. This needs to be cultivated and trained over time – a difficult task in the age of social media.

Remember – we never have the full story – there is always more than meets the eye. Social media is a modern-day façade, a mirage. It’s a medium designed to show people at their best, while never showing them at their worst. You’ll scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see picture after picture of happy couples, rock solid families, and exotic vacations.

This leads to the dreaded “social comparison,” comparing your low moments to someone’s highlight reel. This can be a debilitating act, and researchers have now linked Facebook to depressed feelings.

Through this lens, it’s easy to feel inadequate.

By keeping your focus internally, you stay on task and do not bother comparing yourself to others, especially on social media. You realize that what you are seeing is a trick – a cover-up of true reality. You’ll be weary of what you hear and see, knowing much of it is fabricated and embellished.  You will stop caring what other people do and say, both in their own lives and in comparison to your own. This internal focus enables you to forge your own path.


The basics of personal finance might as well be a foreign language, because the lack of fundamental knowledge among the average person is startling.

Most live a “make it, spend it,” earn-then-consume lifestyle – they spend up to their salary in trying to keep up appearances (status anxiety as described above).

Financial discipline is mandatory – no matter your income stream.

Always remember – you are what you’re worth, not what you make.

Do you have cash on hand?

62% of Americans have less than $1000 in the bank.

How liquid are your assets? Would you survive a black swan event?

To start, read “Millionaire Next Door.” The book is a bit dated, but examines a fascinating phenomenon – those who have attained $1 million in wealth come from unexpected places – mainly blue collar, hard-working business owners – living in unassuming homes in ordinary neighborhoods.

What do these millionaires have in common?

EXTREME self-discipline over their finances.

Learning Self-discipline - Financial KnowledgeSolid personal finance information is easy to find, both on the internet and in well-written, cheap books. Educate yourself.

What is a checking account?


How does one do their taxes?

What is the rule of thumb when it comes to annual savings?

These questions were not answered in school.

Young adults are left to seek financial knowledge on their own. I majored in finance, or I would have suffered from the same fate understanding that plague so many today.


Self-discipline in a sexual sense involves being wise and knowledgeable in several interrelated facets, specifically, the psychological make-up of men and women and the flawed lens through which modern beta men view women via the pedestal syndrome.

The Red Pill needs to be understood and accepted, a topic best left to the blog of Illimitable Men, an expert in the field.

Frequent sex is necessary for a man, a biologically proven fact of life.

At the same time, it’s crucial not to sacrifice your dignity, bank account, or life purpose in the pursuit of sexual exploits.

This is the route most take. Not only is this approach hit or miss (more miss), but it’s inefficient, the cost is often exorbitant because women will use your cash at will.

Will it get you sex? Maybe, but increasing incentives will have to be dished out for more sex – a natural consequence of being liberal with your wallet. Sex then becomes a treat given by a woman – “buy me this and you get this,” so to speak.This is hard to undo, thus is mandatory to establish at the forefront.

By learning game, and to a greater extent, confidence, you should be able to get sex with relative ease – quickly and cheaply.

I’ve written extensively on game, women, and relationships – the finer details being outside the scope of this article. A small minority of men are sleeping with the majority of women.  As I stated in a previous post,

In my estimation, based on my experiences:

  • 30% of men successfully attract and sleep with 85% of eligible women.
  • 50% of men are left to fight over the other 15% of unattractive and undesired women.
  • 20% of men go sexless, either voluntarily (MGTOW) or involuntarily (mass anger and depression).

Not only are the majority of men goofy and clumsy with women, a good amount have written off women entirely – not even attempting improvement in this vitally important area.

Improvements with women begin with improvements with yourself, both physically and mentally. If your women life is lacking or non-existent – you will never be completely fulfilled. Self-discipline in this area needs to be on lock.

You must break down and destroy your preconceived notions about women and the “way of things.” This will begin to ease the anxiety and frustration that comes with a sexless lifestyle.

Improve your life to see improvement with women.

It begins with confidence, but it takes time to grow such confidence to where it becomes natural. Read about women – how they work, what they respond to, what they really ant – and then ACT. Yes, the cliché is true – practice makes perfect – especially in the art of women and game.

Once you have cultivated the necessary rational approach towards women – you will begin to see sustained success. You’ll marvel at the ease of your execution, and wonder how so many men get it wrong. Your game will be on autopilot, serving you when you need it, but not stressing you out when you are not (as frustration does).


Embracing new ideas breeds self-discipline.

After high school or college, learning is stunted. Unless you actively seek knowledge, it will not find you. Sure, you are exposed to the news and corrupt media on a daily basis, but this does not constitute an informative exercise.

Learning Self-discipline - LearningBy studying successful people, we are able to learn how they work, what systems they use, and the catalysts they used for success. Surely this cannot be directly replicated in our own lives, but the acquisition of knowledge is directly attributable to sparking an idea or change in our own lives. Creativity is nurtured and expanded, leading to a host of new ideas and beliefs.

It’s better to learn the right way to do something immediately then waste time finding the right way yourself. That time is better served actually working through routine and repetition, cultivating and refining self-discipline.

A great book that tackles the essence of self-discipline is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

This book is a classic, a timeless reference for getting the most out of life by adopting systems and techniques that mirror successful people.


A successful life begins with strong self-discipline. This structured routine needs to be ironclad – a system that you repeat no matter your mood or the external factors impacting your life.

Most of what you read here might seem foreign, counterintuitive even.

Society does not emphasize structure in the above four areas. The herd mentality and dense minds are preferred. This keeps people unorganized, impulsive and dependant – a perfect recipe for obedience.

  • Consumerism (status obsession) feeds the economy and thus is vigorously promoted everywhere you look.
  • Lack of financial knowledge leads to debt, feeding billions to financial institutions and credit card companies. This ties in perfectly with consumerism (buying what you cannot afford).
  • Men who swallowed the red pill are dangerous to society’s feminine centric narrative (beta males are much preferred).
  • A learned mind is a dangerous mind – continued learning isn’t discouraged, but it’s certainly not promoted (or affordable in a college setting).

You must kill the noise and focus exclusively on yourself.

Self-discipline needs to be balanced as well – you cannot be structured in one area of your life, and a mess in another. Imbalance will only lead to inconsistency and fleeting results. Your entire life needs to be on lock – from your career, to your physical health, to your women life, and all the areas in between. Again, kill the noise around you and word as hard as you can on improving yourself.

If you are a naturally carefree person, self-discipline won’t come easy to you and will be more of a struggle as opposed to someone whose personality is more preconditioned to rigors, routines, and systems. Fret not, however, just remember that each day you follow the process is yet another in your journey towards mastery of yourself. Grasping your fallacies and weaknesses is the peak condition of self-discipline and will be the last act of mastery.

Stay diligent and remember that self-discipline is a vigorous process – one that takes time, but leads to timeless benefits and achievements.

Kill the noise.

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How is your self-discipline? Are certain areas of your life lacking over others?

 Let me know below!

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