Inaction vs. Action: The David vs. Goliath Battle to Keep You Stagnant

Inaction vs. Action: The David vs. Goliath Battle to Keep You Stagnant

Time moves fast, especially when you spend your days doing things that don’t make you happy.

You dwell on the past; wishing, hoping, praying for a way to “go back,” back to when life was easier and less chaotic.

Imagine if you got started 5 years ago instead of waiting?

“If only I had pursued my passion back in the day.”

Sound familiar?

This is the struggle of the modern man, learning how to balance a life filled with needs (money, love, respect) with a life of long-term “wants” (less stress, physical freedom, financial freedom).

Fortunately, you can do both.

You can continue to do what you need to do, and mix in what you want to do.

Will it be easy? No, it won’t.

Inaction vs. Action – Which Will You Choose?

90% of you will read this and do nothing. That is the average number of people who consume knowledge and fail to act on it.

Startling, I know.

For the other 10%, here it is…


Action is scary. It means putting yourself out there. Action is uncomfortable. It means risk.

Action means non-conformity, going against the desires and modern day set-up of society, which is designed to keep everyone average.

Action is the pursuit of fulfillment, of aligning your life with your mission, code, and sense of worth. It’s the path to feeling complete, meaningful, important – the road to living a life that begins and ends with the decisions you, and you alone, make.

Know this: action is always the underdog. The odds are always against action, because the alternatives are deceptive and easy. They disguise themselves as action in the most cruel of ways, leading you to think you are moving in the right direction when you really aren’t. Deep inside you know this.

The drone-like, mundane lifestyle you are accustomed to? Sorry, that is inaction.

Inaction is easy. It’s comfortable. It’s what you’ve been taught your entire life. It’s all you know.

Inaction, at its core, is acceptance of your current place in society with no attempts at improvement.

Inaction means showing up every day for a job you hate, with people you can’t stand, to receive assignments you could care less about.

It’s spending $200,000 on an “education” that you soon find can be replicated (more effectively) through free, or minimally priced online courses.

Inaction means checking your back account 5 times a week to make sure there is “enough.”

Inaction is weak self-discipline, a lack of self-mastery.

Escapism – the preference of easy, instant gratification – is the backbone of inaction.

Social media? Inaction.

Expensive material possessions and debt? Inaction.

What else explains how global Netflix subscribers watched 42.5 BILLION hours of content in 2015?

Inaction will screw with your mind. It is so deceptive that you don’t even realize the time you are wasting doing nothing.

When action comes calling, inaction is there with an army of soldiers, ready to keep things the way they are. A change from the status quo is a death sentence for inaction.

Action is the strongest power one can have, but also the hardest to muster.

Learning a new skill, attempts at improvement, dedication towards a passion – these are strong indicators of the right direction in life – but take willpower and dedication to get started.

You’re Only Fooling Yourself (Shortcuts)

In the era of the scam artist, inaction is always for sale. It manifests itself as “shortcuts.”

Like a chameleon lying in the leaves of the jungle, shortcuts disguise themselves as action at every turn. Shortcuts pray on your quest for quick, lucrative rewards – a most tantalizing challenge to the lazy and weak-minded (lottery anyone?)

Waist slimmer? Yes! I’ll take it.

Carb blocker? What a great invention!

Watch this course and make $30,000 from home in 3 hours? Yes, sign me up!

Everywhere you look, inaction and its lackey shortcut are working together to keep you down. They work in tandem, in a sick grotesque manner.

Inaction does it’s best to hold you back, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes, even the weak-minded get the occasion thought of escaping. That is where shortcut comes in, slick and smooth, unassuming at every turn. It tempts you with fast riches – the gluttony you’ve dreamed of – all for little to no work. Even though it seem’s too good to be true, this easy road strikes a deep nerve, the solution “you’ve been waiting for.”

Others are doing it, so why not you?

Alas, surprising no one, the shortcut eventually fails you. The promises turned out to be nonsense. You were dumped.

Back to inaction you go. Dammed if you will be tricked into taking a risk again.

Your Life is Your Choice

Action vs. Inaction – how will you fare?

Remember, the odds are against you.

Inaction will give you all the loving you need. It will be there when your lonely (social media, porn), it will be there when you’re angry (message boards, twitter), and it will calm you when life “isn’t fair.”

Action takes hard work, discipline, mental fortitude, and more. Inaction takes none of those things.

Inaction requires one thing, and one thing only; complete acceptance of mediocrity. The desire for instant gratification. The need to be liked and accepted, to fit in.

Action necessitates bold thinking, risks, and the belief that there is more to life than just showing up and going through the motions.

The choice is easy.

Or is it?

Inaction vs. Action.

What will you choose?

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Do you constantly find yourself being passive? Letting inaction rule your world?

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