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Taking Women Home: The Importance of Logistics

When I became single again and began to venture out to meet women, I did not place a high emphasize on logistics. I wasn’t concerned about what I would do if I met someone, only IF I would meet someone. After countless dates and a good amount of failures – I realized that logistics are the single most important piece in bringing a girl home.

The goal is always to isolate the girl in a somewhat comfortable setting that is suitable for sex. Ideally, this will always be your living space. When out approaching women, this should always be your goal at the end of the night!!

When you only go out once or twice a week – who has time to waste with poor logistics, flakes, or phone numbers? I certainly don’t. Below I will outline the simple ways to ensure a seamless transition from the bar to the bedroom.

Why you need to move to a big city TODAY!

What is a big city?

To me, any city with 500,000 people in considered big. As of 2013, there were 34 such cities in the U.S.

Even if you considered semi-large cities (250,000+) – you would have 77 options.

If you are living in a town or a small city, you should do everything in your power to move to a big city. I grew up in such a place, and never returned when I finished college. I wasn’t going to stick around to get to the same 5 bars and see kids I graduated high school with a decade ago. I certainly wasn’t going to pick up the chicks that had been run through by half the city either.

I live in a big east coast city as I have said before on the blog.

What can you find in most large cities?

  • Hundreds of bars/clubs/lounges
  • Thousands of above average girls
  • Ability to network with highly successful people
  • Employment opportunities in every field imaginable
  • A vibrate economy and countless things to do

Most importantly, you find FUN. Your quality of life will improve as well.

The population density is crazy high in my city. There is nothing better than meeting a girl who lives 5 minutes away from you.

Is it expensive? Certainly. However, there is something to be said at having everything at your fingertips. Within less than a mile is everything I need to live and thrive in life. I have zero regrets on my move and haven’t looked back once. Take the plunge and make a change.

Where should I live in a new city?

When looking to move to a city, you should try to identify the “hot spot”neighborhoods.

What do I mean by “hot spot?”

  • Venue Proximity – 10-15 minute walk (or 5 minute car ride) to at least 5-7 bar/club/lounges. The more the better.
  • Advantageous demographics – an abundance of young people (age 18-35)

If you are close to bars and such, you don’t have to worry about transportation as you can simply walk or take a short cab ride. This is especially important AT THE END of the night.

Very few girls you meet are willing to travel a long distance from the venue unless they are blackout drunk or already know you. Their friends will almost always cockblock this as well. By living nearby, it eliminates any transportation issues and kills any excuse that may arise by living too far away. The benefits of going out as close as possible to your apartment cannot be understated.


I was out a month ago at a waterfront bar somewhat far from my apartment (7 miles – roughly 15 minutes driving). A drunk, semi-attractive girl staggered into me and was immediately all over me. She was in town for the weekend (originally from the area but moved away for work), and was out with some of her friends. I knew pretty quickly that I could take this girl home. I mentioned my apartment, but she said it was too far and her friends also objected to her going that far away with a “stranger”. Luckily, she was staying at her sister’s apartment nearby and nobody else was there. Due to the proximity of the bar to her sister’s apartment, I knew I was in good shape. What did her friends say when she said she was leaving? Nothing at all, they actually encouraged her and felt safe leaving her with me because we were going nearby.

We left shortly after and went back to her sister’s place. I was able to leave a few hours later and take a cab back to my apartment. A prime example of how top-notch logistics (or lack thereof) plays a crucial role in the process.

Transportation – How do I get where I need to go?

The best options when going out are places you can walk to. If you can walk to a bar, than certainly a girl can walk back to your place from that bar later in the night. If it’s a little too far to walk, take a cab or Uber.

If you absolutely have to drive because that is the norm in your city, then I have a few tips. If going on a date, suggest parking at your apartment and taking a cab to the venue. This ensures two things.

  1. You can focus on her more on the way to the venue
  2. Her car is now at near your place. You will have the cab bring you back to your apartment, and it’s not a situation where she is driving already. This increases the likelihood that she comes in and stays a while.

What are her logistics?

It is pointless to waste time talking to a girl whose logistics will not work at the end of the night.

Ask her about the following:

  1. Did she drive there and if so, is she the designated driver?
  2. How many friends did she come with and if she drove, does she have to bring them home?
  3. Does she have anything going on EARLY the next day such as work or some other commitment?
  4. Does she live nearby or is she in town for the night and being driven away later on?

All are very important questions to ask. There is no bigger disappointment than talking with a girl for your entire night only to have her tell you that she is leaving because she lives 30 miles away and didn’t drive.

She is coming back! What do I need in my apartment?

The location of your apartment is the most important factor. Beyond that, it is not necessary to go overboard with items in your place. I always ensure I am setting myself up to succeed from the moment I step out of my apartment. Make sure you have the following in order, and do a double-check before heading out for the night. Always be prepared!

  • Keep it clean
    • Clean sheets, a made bed, clean bathroom, no messes in the common areas
  • Have a comfortable bed or couch
  • Have condoms
  • Have alcohol
  • Have music
  • Have a TV or a computer available for “brief” entertainment

That’s it. Everything else is icing on the cake. No need to over think things. The most important step has long been accomplished – having an apartment in a favorable location. Always steer the girl to your place (as opposed to hers) – as this ensures you stay in control of the situation and limits any unknown “bumps in the road”.

In concluding – Make sure you always consider your location and the other circumstances before heading out for the night. Target those girls who live near you and can simply leave their friends and walk back or take a cab with you. Keep it simple and easy. Good luck!


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