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How to Understand Women: Three Truths You Need to Know

The age-old question – How to understand women.

I have been a dating machine over the past 8 months. I tried my best to document it; but my rough estimates say that I have been out with about 30 women in that time period. All have been in a 1-on-1 “date” type setting (I do strictly drinks or sushi).

In addition to traditional methods such as day/night game – I am a big advocate of online dating, especially in big cities (which is where I am), where people struggle to make contacts outside of their social circles. When I’m not working, I spend a good amount of time working out and running. I go out maybe once a week with friends, so I would struggle having a constant stream of new women in my life. Online dating solved that as I can easily and quickly screen out the time wasters and hang out with quality women.

Three things stand out to me more than others. I can confidently say that 90% of women have affirmed the below statements…..

Truth #1: Women like Older Men

I feel safe in saying this might be 100% universal. It is quite simple.

Women mature faster than men. Most guys their own age do nothing for them. They are mentally (from a game standpoint) and sexually deficient to guys who are older, and thus more experienced.

I am 28 years old and the majority of women I have gone out with have been 19-23. I think to when I was in my early 20’s and I was a joke with women compared to how I act and what I know now. Physically, mentally, emotionally, etc – all areas are light years ahead of where I was 5-6 years ago. A smoking 9 or 10 is surrounded by amateur guys in their social circles and age groups. These men do not know how to give them what they want. I am usually shocked at how well these young women handle themselves. I have yet to meet a sloppy, messy, immature girl.

Below are DIRECT statements from these girls, as I almost always ask girls on my dates what they think of older guys. It’s fun to talk about and kind of sets the stage for what will be happening down the line.

“My mom told me I need to date older guys”

“I have a thing for older guys – too bad you’re not a silver fox”

“My last boyfriend was 6 years older than me and we lived together for 2 years”

“Guys my age can’t handle me”

Action Points:

Be aggressive approaching younger women. Most women will date 5-10 years older, sometimes even more if your game, looks, style, and confidence is top-notch.

The only one concerned with the “number” is you. These girls are often the most fun as well – as they have not hit their late 20’s/early 30’s and have yet to develop a bitchy, self-entitled attitude that comes with that age cohort. They also take care of themselves much more than women my own age.You will be blown away by how receptive younger women are – so get out and get after it!

Truth #2: Women like Taller Men

I am 6’2’’. Height has never been something that I have never really spent thinking about and has certainly not affected my life in a negative way. Quite the contrary.  I realize now just how grateful I am to be tall due to how obsessive and direct women are with their height preferences.

Height is the one thing that cannot be changed – we are who we are.

For those not blessed with height, you may be able to buy risers or lie about it online – but eventually your true height will be on display. The key is to make height the last thing that matters through the advancement of your other areas such as confidence, body language, demeanor, style, etc.

One woman I went out with said height did not matter as long as the guy wasn’t self-conscious about it. Every other woman was extremely particular, often giving me an exact height as the cut-off for how “short” they would go. Most used 6 feet as their “benchmark,” and some were “generous” enough to go down to 5’9’’. I found that girls between 5’’ and 5’’3’ were the pickiest in wanting very tall men.

Those who say “height doesn’t matter” are wrong. I am not saying that it is an absolute deal breaker. However, if you are on the shorter side, be prepared to make double the effort in convincing the girl to look past it. Top 5% guys often achieve this, but most men are too obsessed over their stature to effectively game out a girl who prefers taller men. Stop thinking about it and her preconceived notions will become less and less a distraction over time.

Action Points:

If you are shorter than 5’11’’, MAXIMIZE all your other attributes.

Get your diet right and get ripped.

Wear fitted (tailored is better) outfits.

Rock great shoes and accessories.

Most importantly, forget how tall you are. Lie if you have to in order to secure a date. Act as if it is not an issue. If your personality and game combined with style is elite; she will FORGET the height.

Truth #3: Women Want to Be Led & Dominated Physically

Simply put, this is the most important thing to know as a man, whether you are single or in a relationship.

I’d say 95% of women that I went out in fell into this group, including 100% I slept with.


Men need to lead.

It is the biggest complaint I hear from women today. Men are afraid, immature and unsure, and ultimately clueless when it comes to interacting with women. As such – most women are repulsed by how most men act.

  • You need to approach.Lies Thru a Lens via Flickr
  • You need to keep the conversation interesting and moving.
  • You need to secure their phone number.
  • You need to follow-up with a text/phone call.
  • You need to set the date, including the DAY, TIME, LOCATION.
  • You need to plan logistics to and from the venue, including having a plan for after the date.
  • You need to lead and direct the conversation on the date.
  • You need to end the date.
  • You need to kiss them.
  • You need to escalate.
  • You need to make sure they got home okay (if you met out somewhere).

On and On and On.

Women do not want to make decisions in social settings – NEVER EVER leave it up to them. It is a sign of an uncertain man, which is a big negative to women. Women are turned on by a man who will LEAD them and take control. They want to follow along. I cannot emphasize this enough.

<<<Being Physical>>>

Women seek out strong-looking men. It is in their genes. During the caveman era, women had to pick a spouse who would keep them alive.

Do you think they picked the skinny, fragile caveman? No, they did not.

The women went with the strong, muscular hunter who could provide food, shelter and protection – keeping her and her children alive and safe.

This desire for “protection” resonates deep inside the subconscious of women. They want a large, muscular man to dominate over them and take control. If you learn to dominate them sexually, they are guaranteed to go NUTS every time. You will be unlocking their wild, animalistic side that comes out when they give you COMPLETE CONTROL.

Women crave and desperately need this type of physicality. Sadly, they are not given it nearly enough.  Not only does this type of dominating behavior make the foreplay and sex great, but it almost always keeps them coming back.

When I hook up with a chick, I do all of the following:

  • Choking – Vary the amount of pressure (nothing too extreme). 100% of women like to be choked to some extent in my experiences. Women go nuts with a hand on their throat.
  • Ass slapping – This is also 100% universal in my experiences.
  • Throwing around/picking up – Again, this is displaying true dominance from a physical perspective
  • Sexual commands – I use pretty graphic language in almost all of my experiences. This is more of a “feel it out” situation depending on the woman’s personality, but no woman is going to stop and leave regardless of what you say. Most love to be talked dirty to.
  • Pinning of the hands above their head
  • Dominating sexually positions
  • Light biting/licking various parts of the body
  • Any type of neck/ear play

This stuff is in the repertoires of most sexually successful men. I can say with conviction that leading and dominating and universally CRAVED by women. There is a reason every woman in the world is obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey. From teenagers to grandmothers – that is not a coincidence. They get off on reading about women giving into their desires of extreme domination.

Action Points:

Try the above “leading” steps next time you are meeting a new woman. Try everything I listed on the physical list next time you are in the bedroom with her. Flourish – rinse and repeat.


I highly recommend that every guy who is single DATE AROUND. Go out with multiple women. Carry on casual relationships. There is no other way that I would have learned these truths. The experience, confidence, and overall feelings of happiness when meeting and engaging with multiple women cannot be understated. Even if you don’t sleep with most of those you go out with – the experience and confidence gained is WELL WORTH IT.

Be confident and go after younger women. Embrace your height and use it to your advantage, or accept your lack of height and make everything else elite. Lead women at every step of the interaction, and dominate her like she has never experienced when you have sex with her.

Take care friends.


Share your experiences below!

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