How to Fight Conformity and Move Beyond Average

How to Fight Conformity and Move Beyond Average

Do you crave safety in numbers?

Comfort in doing what everyone else does?

If so, this article isn’t for you.

Mortality is our indisputable motivator. To waste away in the pursuit of nothing is the cruellest of self-inflicted crimes.

Conformity rules the masses. It has been this way for centuries.

What compels people to sleepwalk through life?

People are bored out of their minds, yet choose to spend their time in the most obscene of ways – obsessing over social media, debating others in the comment section of a news article, watching YouTube videos – you name it.

Is that really a good use of time?

Time that isn’t guaranteed?

Of course not. Yet distractions are embraced now more than ever.

We give crucial attention to things that don’t deserve it.

Our focus is at level 100 when we wake up. As we engage in tasks and time ticks by, our focus capacity falls. After 12 hours, our focus is severely drained, limiting our mental capacity to engage in deep thinking and creative processes. Most people know this, but still give their energy towards these unimportant tasks.

Mass media and the ease of living are the double-headed monster that constantly beat us down, taking away our desire to take risks and pursue new endeavors. 

It takes a true rebel to foster an independent spirit, a sense of wonder, a rational thought process.

The rebel doesn’t use friends, family or the greater comforts of society to guide his path. Instead, he goes against the grain and focuses on doing what will make him happy and fulfilled. If you let other people dictate your life, there will always be a huge void and over time, a deterioration of self and purpose.

How to Fight Conformity and Move Beyond Average

Our brains and bodies are both capable of being pushed to a level of unfathomable achievement. Instead, they hardly run at 50% capacity. Laziness and rot eat away – slowly but surely – due to the easy world we’ve been given (thanks technology).

If you are weak-willed, you stand no chance in today’s ruthless society. You must stand up, be heard, and pursue what you want at all costs.

Those who don’t, who choose to sit on the sidelines of life, will succumb to a wasteful, uneventful life filled with envy, regret, and self-loathing.

What am I?

Why do I exist?

Do you ever reflect on these questions?

We know what to do. We know how to solve our problems. For everything that ails us, the solution is easily accessible.

Improve physically?

Enhance our mental capacity?

Feel fulfilled?

The answers are there.

Why don’t we do it?

Because it’s hard. We hate hard work. Always looking for the shortcut, we hate any time of complicated process, even if it is a guaranteed solution to our problems.

We need to embrace challenge. Without a driving sense of purpose, it’s much easier (and safer) to simply do nothing out of the ordinary.

Time Slipping Away

We model our lives after our friends and family. It’s what we are taught.

Are we happy when we do this?

By following what everyone else does, do we feel satisfied?

Of course not.

Each persons happiness is arbitrary, a destination forged differently from person to person. Doing our own thing will always bear the tastiest fruit.

What else helps?

Clarity of thought. Sense of fullness, of making an impact beyond ourselves.

We have been taught to chase the cheese and stay in the ranks regardless if it makes us happy or not. To not deviate from things as they are; to be careful when trying to think outside the box.

If you try to explain a rational thought that goes against the grain, be ready for chuckles and groans of “Ya right” or “You’re dreaming.”

Make all the sense in the world, and you will still find yourself talking to an empty room. 

Nobody wants to listen.They like the easy life.

How dare you interfere with your selfish attitude and unrealistic desires? 

The comfort zone is safe. Cozy. Warm.

Betting on ourselves is risky. It often takes brass balls.

Our brains do a masterful job to convince us to stay put. We feel the Flinch when we disobey.  Safety is the goal, at all costs.

Why do such a thing, when the easy life promises to serve us day in, day out?

Here is the golden rule…


You have to want to achieve.

You have to want to improve

You have to want to do whatever it takes.

You need a driving, ruthless sense of self-discipline that propels you into action.

Avoid Conformity

You need to implement systems, tried and tested methods of keeping you on track when the last thing you feel like doing is working on your vision.

Systems and time management techniques create the discipline to ensure you stay on track, that you improve 1% each day.

Maximizing Life

We live one life.

We are mortal.

One day we will die.

Shouldn’t that be motivation enough? What more do we need?

Why do I see guy after guy wandering through their 20’s doing nothing of note? Why do I see people destroy their health with shitty eating habits and a non-existent workout routine?

When did it become okay to waste life?

There are no “do-overs.”

The time is now. You need to act urgently and understand that putting things off is poisonous. They will never be fulfilled this way.

There are three traits that we can embody that keeps us in the moment; focused on the now and keeping our mind fresh and active. These traits help me to preserve my time and make sure I am doing what I want to do, and nothing  more.


To be spontaneous means we act on a whim. Not recklessly, but we are flexible, able to adjust and change course at the drop of a hat. We take quick, but calculated chances when we sense an opportunity or an opening that can be exploited.

Not only does spontaneity cultivate a sense of excitement, it makes us appreciate the present. What’s in front of us today matters most.

Far too often, we spend too much time focusing on the past or future.

The past is gone and cannot be changed. The future will not go according to plan, no matter how meticulously we plan it out. By focusing on the now, we are able to feel alive, to feel present, both with ourselves and with those around us.


Become selfish and take your time back.

It might feel great to hang with the guy 3 times a week, but is it really productive?

Could we be using that time better?

Once you become self-disciplined, you will become much more selective with both your time and those people who you spend it with.

You will cut the fat, clear the weeds.

Time is precious and needs to be cherished. Most people waste the majority of their time in an unproductive state of sloppiness and alternate reality. They live vicariously through gossip, social media, and garbage TV. The weak-minded person will never have a shortage of distractions. The current world is built for such a fool.

Escapism feels good because a false world becomes your world.

You’re the bad-ass killer in GTA, the master sniper in Halo, the alpha player in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Except you’re not.

You’re nothing.

You were afraid to do big things in life, so you settled for watching them on TV.

You’ve given up.

Now you are left with a false sense of self, one that exists through fake, unrealistic narratives. If you take away your sources of waste, you cut off your method of survival.

How can you reverse this?

You become OBSESSIVE with your time.

In doing so, you take your life back. No longer a slave to the clock, a slave to inaction. Instead, you push aside the people and methods which have brought you down time and again. You learn to empower yourself through learning and growth – a systematic approach to improvement.


You must master the self before you master life. Our human nature is inherently weak, thus it must be developed and strengthened through a vigorous routine.

Willpower is forged.

Perseverance is discovered.

Persistence is assumed.

Self-discipline ensures balance. It means having  a sense of purpose and a means of achieving goals. This new-found structure will be crucial when you try and fail – it will ensure you keep going.

Be assured, this is not an overnight transformation. It will take time and a lot of effort to change who you are. But once you become disciplined, EVERYTHING changes for the better.

Wrap Up

Together, these three traits will enable you to cultivate a persona.

Do you want to be like everyone else?

Cherish the life you have while working towards the life you want. You will be hungry for achievement, but at the same time, grounded and humble by what you have already achieved.

You will realize you’re mortal, that your future is unknown, and that you need to act now, in the moment.

You’ll take your time back and not waste it away doing useless tasks that add no value to your life. With all that, you will see a remarked difference in your enthusiasm and love for life.

Life isn’t something to be taken for granted.

Be selfish. Be bold.

Become a rebel against conformity.

It’s the only way to unmask the true YOU.

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How disciplined are you? How much do you value time? Leave any comments or feedback below!

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