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The Field of Vision: Eyes Up

Living in a big city, I do a lot of walking every day.

Recently, I began doing an easy exercise to help develop dominant eye contact.

Let me share it with you.

The exercise is simple:

I make eye contact with every single person and I when break eye contact, I move my eyes to the side and not down.

A Few Observations

1. It is harder than you think

I used to catch myself looking at the ground as I walked. I did this for no clear reason – just a bad habit and a product of my social conditioning. Now I walk upright, aware of my posture, head tilted up – scanning my field of vision searching for eyes.

2. Most people look at the ground or break eye contact immediately 

It is empowering to pass someone, look at their eyes, and see their gaze shift down. Well over 50% of the people I pass are looking at the ground outright. Those who do make eye contact often look away very quickly.

Flóra Soós via Flickr
Flóra Soós via Flickr

Try it.

You will ooze confidence by being the guy who doesn’t look awkward and nervous.

Look at people in a normal way (pleasant expression on your face), and watch as most look away or avoid it.

If it is a pair or group of people, scan across all of their eyes – side to side.

I never realized how simple and silly people look when they avoid your gaze outright, or when they quickly look to the ground as thought they are beneath you.

I get a kick out of those who avoid looking at me. It’s empowering, and I have a slight kick of adrenaline in the moment.

Be the looker and not the fool who studies the ground – it never fails to disappoint.

Stay confident.

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