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The Downfalls of Escapism

Escapism: The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

Today’s world bombards us with unlimited forms of escapism.

As technology continues to advance, so does the ways in which we can “get away” from our lives. Television, movies, video games, e-mails and smart phones are just a few of the ways people are able to escape their everyday lives and waste time. Combine that with an every growing lethargic population and you realize this is a dangerous situation that is only getting worse.

How many people work all day at a job they hate and then come home and spend the rest of the night escaping the reality of their situation?

Binge watching TV?

Playing video games all night?

Checking social media ad nauseam, hoping for more comments and likes?

Even worse – wishing you were someone else or living another person’s life?

Imagine what you could do with that wasted time?

I am not suggesting that escapism is entirely bad. That is not the case at all. We all need time to unwind, relax and refocus our minds. We simply cannot stay focused and engaged 24/7.  Using technology and media to escape is fine in moderation. Reading and exercising is even better. The excessive cases of escapism are the focus here. It is when you are emotionally insecure and use escapism to mask the pain and disappointment of the failures and inaction in your real life.

I am focusing on those who are unhappy with their lives but chose to engage in excessive time-wasting actions to escape their reality, as opposed to changing it. Those who refuse to take responsibility for the actions and decisions in life. Those who preach “woe is me” but would rather waste day after day doing nothing.

If you are busting your ass, making things happen, and are in a happy state of mind? It’s perfectly acceptable to unwind watching a football game, or going out to see a movie. However, if you are sad, depressed, stressed and unhappy – escapism is unhealthy and can be poisonous and downright fatal.

escapismA variety of reasons can lead people towards excessive escapism. The overuse of technology is directly correlated to escapism. Playing computer games or surfing the internet allows people to avoid making real life, personal connections. TV and movies allow one to escape and pretend they are living a more extravagant, rich life.

Some of the other negatives associated with escapism:

Lack of Ambition: Billions of dollars are made from people’s desire to escape reality. Media, especially social media – prays on the weak-minded. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all are time-wasting activities that add little to no value to one’s life. Instead, these platforms serve to artificially boost up one’s ego through “digital acknowledgements.” Many are perfectly content being social media stars, the same people who lack the confidence to live life on their own terms and shun the expectations and opinions of others.

Social exclusion: When people regular engage in escapism behaviors – they are eroding their abilities to form social connections to other humans. This becomes a major detriment to meeting new people, forming friendships, and/or finding a spouse. I know several people who watch so much television, that they simply have no interest in meeting new people or having sex with women. Basically, their escapism lifestyle has made them asexual.

Physical deterioration: At a time when being fat is the new normal, it is clear that the majority of our society is perfectly content sitting around and wasting time. They do not have the will power to reject the convenient, lethargic lifestyle for one of productivity, learning, and physical activity. Most will come up with excuse after excuse to continue on with their current, unhealthy lifestyle as opposed to creating an action plan to improve their health. An unhealthy body helps to foster an unhealthy mind, and leads to thoughts and actions which absolve oneself of responsibility for destructive, personal choices.

What to do?

Eliminate technology. Get away for a week and drop the phone, the internet, television, porn, social media, etc.

All of it.


Go on a trip – see new things.

Build connections with other humans.

Get better with women.

Carve out a fitness and nutrition plan.

Work on your business plan that you’ve put on hold for months and/or years.

Read self-help books.

Live in the present and start believing in YOU!

You will never improve your life situation while engaging in excessive escapism. Stop wasting time with stuff that does not add value to your life. That is the #1 key.

As difficult as it is to break your routine – STOP USING PRECIOUS MINUTES AND HOURS ON TASKS THAT ADD ZERO VALUE!! You know what you need to do. It will be difficult. But it will be worth it.

Start Today. Live Tomorrow.



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