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Society, Technology, and the Downfalls of Conformity

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

John F. Kennedy

The desire to “fit in”with the masses is the predominant reasoning that governs why people often lose their sense of individuality. What follows is often a risk averse life and in turn little to no variance in one’s day-to-day existence. By following the crowd and never challenging the status quo,  one seemingly drifts through life as a soul-less being.

There is no excitement.

There is no variety.

Life flies by when it is boring and predictable. Some people suddenly realize that they’ve been unhappy for years, but by then it is often too late to make any substantial changes. But most people never realize they have become a drone of society, slaving away daily at a 9-5 job they do not like because it’s the “American way,” or staying in relationships with people who no longer make them happy because it’s the “noble thing to do.” Selflessness breeds contempt.


 DanDeChiaro via Flickr
DanDeChiaro via Flickr

Group-think has become the norm in a society dominated by social media and television Reality TV has also become a staple of American society (Check out this link to see the countless reality TV shows that exist.)

The innovation and expansion of technology across the globe has only fueled social conformity. Lack of confidence and unhappiness with oneself has led to a frantic rat race to acquire the most Facebook & Instagram likes. My Facebook feed is filled with people who feel it is their second job to make sure that everyone is fully aware of their thoughts/emotions/activities on an hourly basis. Are these people truly happy? Of course not. Such is the world, where very few people are comfortable forging their own unique path in life that shuns (for the most part) conventional social norms.

Let this sink disgusting fact sink in…

By age 65, the average person has seen 2 millions commercials and watched 9 years worth of television. NINE YEARS WORTH!

Dangers of Technology
Dangers of Technology

It is incredibly easy to be duped into blindly following the masses and not attempting to carve out your own path to happiness in life. It is quite rare today to find someone who has a firm grasp on time, and how precious time truly is. It is the most valuable commodity in the world, and one that is purely individualistic from one person to the next. It cannot be harvested, and every day that passes, it continuously slips away. Do not waste time trying to live someone else’s dream,and become cognizant of how easy it is to fall prey to conformity via social media, television, or other people’s desires. 

Governments are also structured to promote conformity (and stagnation) in order to keep everyone grounded. If everybody was motivated and had a clear vision on how to achieve lasting financial success and happiness – society would cease to work properly. The scary reality is that there will always need to be layers of people in the world to avoid pure chaos – those on the bottom (hopeless, doomed, without ambition), those in the middle (content with things as they are, emotionless, robotic), and those trying to achieve more (successful, cognizant, aware).  The financial elite are usually the most powerful and dictate downwards (mainly through the media and technology) how people should lead their lives for the “good of the country.”

Always be aware. Be aware of your social programming hard at work via television, social media, family, friends, co-workers, etc. Be aware that most people believe in fallacies lacking validity, and hardly ever intellectually contempt the logic behind their actions. Most importantly, ruthlessly work to achieve a life of HAPPINESS.Because at the end of your days – you don’t want to be the person who says, “what if?”


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