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Diagnosis Unknown: My Last 30 Days

Returning from a week-long trip to the Caribbean, I felt recharged and ready for the brutal northeastern weather to finally turn warm and pleasant. We were halfway through May, and everything was seemingly normal. Until it wasn’t.

Minor aches and pains, which I thought came from my workouts, began to linger and spread. My entire body felt like it was gradually breaking down.Then came chills and fever, accompanied by a swollen, throbbing left knee. As someone accustomed to great health, I was baffled as to what was going on.

As my knee worsened the next day, I reached my breaking point and reluctantly headed to the ER. Little did I know that I would be admitted to the hospital and spend the next 4 nights and a 5th day before being discharged. My knee was also drained three straight days. I was in an unknown place.

It has been 3 weeks to the day since I was released from the hospital. The range of motion is back in my knee, with very little pain. From limping around for weeks, to not being able to properly descend stairs; I was faced with a situation that was completely foreign to me. Granted, there are much worse situations I could have found myself in. However, for me, this was the most debilitating situation I had ever found myself in.

My mental state was challenged.

My patience – tested.

I had no choice but to wait out the days, reminding myself that it would pass and better days would be ahead. It certainly wasn’t easy.

I sit here and still do not have a clear diagnosis for what caused the swollen knee and the other symptoms. What was believed to be a tropical virus was debunked by blood work. The Lyme Disease test was positive, but not enough so to say with certainty. I was bombarded with opinions and potential causes. It was a mess.

One thing is now certain. I was challenged, and I prevailed. I felt and moved like an old man. I was embarrassed and beyond frustrated. My mind wanted to waiver and go to a negative place. But I DID NOT allow it. I have been blessed enough throughout my young adult life to have not faced many physical obstacles. You could say I had an untouchable feeling when it came to my health and wellness. I was certainly humbled over the past month.

I go forward with a renewed sense of motivation in the gym and in the kitchen. As a hardgainer, I was lucky to only lose a few pounds during the ordeal. After a few days in the gym, I can sense my strength returning due to my sold muscle memory. In the coming weeks, I am reworking both my workout routine as well as my diet plan.

I also have a renewed passion for creating more content for this site, as I allowed work, life and excuses to knock me off track over the past several months.

I am hopeful the worst is behind me, and am hungry for what is in store for the rest of this summer.

Have you ever been faced with physical adversity?

What was your mind state? How quick did you bounce back?

Leave your comments below!


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