How to Travel with Purpose

How to Travel with Purpose

In a few days time, I will be embarking on a ten day excursion to Italy. Growing up, traveling to Europe seemed like a dream, something out of reach financially.  As I grew older, I came to realize that Europe is quite cheap, as long as you know how to go about planning a trip. Now 29, I understand the ... Read More »

Blood & Steel: 10 Video Clips of Ancient Warriors

Cold Steel: 10 Video Clips of Ancient Warriors

If you tune into today’s news cycle, you will undoubtedly be confused. The barrage of cynicism makes you believe we are living in a dangerous, unforgiving time. Mass shootings, civil wars, nuclear arms races – these topics dominate the headlines. However, one must be in tune with historical events to understand the proper context of the present day. Today is the safest ... Read More »

Student Loans & The Lies of Higher Education

Student Loans & The Lies of Higher Education

The following post was written continuously from start to finish, with minor breaks to gather supporting graphs and charts. This stream of conscious narrative will be an approach I will tinker with from time to time when I want to quickly put my “in-the-moment” thoughts to paper, without in-depth deliberation and contemplation. Let me know what you think! Spring 2004 ... Read More »

Reflecting on the Death of My Father

death of my father

It has been exactly 9 months… It was Sunday afternoon, October 26th. It was a moment I had played in my mind over and over… How would I react? Where would I be? Would it be instant or prolonged? It was around 4pm. It was a lazy Sunday – I was on my 3rd hour of watching the NFL Redzone ... Read More »

Diagnosis Unknown: My Last 30 Days

Returning from a week-long trip to the Caribbean, I felt recharged and ready for the brutal northeastern weather to finally turn warm and pleasant. We were halfway through May, and everything was seemingly normal. Until it wasn’t. Minor aches and pains, which I thought came from my workouts, began to linger and spread. My entire body felt like it was ... Read More »

Apollos Hester’s Contagious Attitude

Apollos Hester is a high school football player from Austin, Texas. In the video below, he gives a post game interview after beating a rival high school by 1 point. I saw this video today, and was blown away by this kid’s attitude. It was almost like his speech was rehearsed (it wasn’t). The optimism, drive, dedication, and belief in ... Read More »

5 Styles Tips Every Man Needs

I see countless guys every day, walking around with no sense of style. I just shake my head. Sadly, most men in their mid-20’s (like myself) never learned how to dress impressively. Basic grooming also seems to be non-existent.Your appearance should SCREAM – confident, successful, powerful. Below are 5 quick, cheap, BASIC style tips that every man needs. 1) Hair ... Read More »