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Motivational Workout Music: Spring 14′ Edition

Reading Time: 1 minuteSolid workout music – An absolute must for a successful workout. Several studies have been done to show that music helps improve one’s performance in the gym. I have a gym playlist that has 40-50 songs. I keep this list very selective in order to avoid wasting time shuffling songs in between sets. From that playlist, I probably listen to ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide: Macronutrients for Beginners

Macronutrients for Beginners

Reading Time: 8 minutesI never heard the word “macronutrient” once in my entire schooling. It’s a travesty how misguided the curriculum is. Good nutrition is woefully covered, but is the most important component of a healthy life.  Read: 5 Crucial Life Skills You’re Not Taught in School (and How to Learn Them) So what is a macronutrient? You have undoubtedly heard this term before, but ... Read More »

Weight Training for Beginners

Weight Training for Beginners

Reading Time: 4 minutesI’m appalled by what I see in the gym. I start to notice it most when the “New Year’s resolution” crew rushes to the gym on January 1st – determined that this will be the time they follow through on their words and get into shape. Read: The Expert Guide to Getting Motivated for the Gym The problem is that a lot of beginners ... Read More »