Stop Envying Others & Start Worrying About Yourself

Reading Time: 4 minutesEnvying others is one of the most common human emotions and it transcends the globe to include every culture on the planet. Envy is resentment aroused by someone’s possessions, qualities, or luck. Most of us are envious because we feel the need to quench an addicting, egocentric urge to feel equal to or superior to those around us. Nobody likes ... Read More »

The End Meets Closure: Moving on from a LTR

Reading Time: 4 minutesMost of us have been there before. Feelings of torment, self-pity, and emotional pain when a long term relationship (LTR) ends. Regardless if you are the one who walks away, or vice versa – those types of negative feelings are common and uncontrollable. What is controllable however, is how quickly you embrace closure – bouncing back to take charge of ... Read More »

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe movie, “The Matrix,” introduced us to the terms “red and blue pill.” It has since developed a cult following- what do the terms mean? Blue Pill Blue pill means accepting everything as truth. You do not challenge the norm. You do not ask “why” or question the “what,” just unconsciously accept the world as presented to you. You go about your ... Read More »

Why Every Man Needs a Mentor in Life

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt can be difficult to figure out how to accomplish and achieve all that we desire. Time becomes an issue due to increasingly busy lives. You may even feel mentally defeated due to repeated failures. For one reason or another, you may have become complacent. Having someone in your life that can point you in the right direction and show you ... Read More »

The Field of Vision: Eyes Up

Reading Time: 2 minutesLiving in a big city, I do a lot of walking every day. Recently, I began doing an easy exercise to help develop dominant eye contact. Let me share it with you. The exercise is simple: I make eye contact with every single person and I when break eye contact, I move my eyes to the side and not down. A Few Observations 1. ... Read More »

Just Do It

Reading Time: 3 minutesTime is the most precious asset we possess. It cannot be replenished. How much money would someone like Bill Gates give to be 25 again? 1 billion? 20 billion? 50 billion? Time does not respect your social status. Time does not value your bank account. Time is ruthless – it is always moving forward and never looking back. You have to respect ... Read More »

Smash Through Your Comfort Zone

Reading Time: 3 minutesYou hardly take any risks. You fiercely love (and defend) your comfort zone.   Sound familar? You need to break loose of the shackles. You owe it to yourself. What’s the worst that can happen? What do you have to lose? Repeat the above questions a few times in your mind. Make sense of the words. Fear is imaginary, a product of prehistoric biology and ... Read More »

15 Badass Alpha Male Characters: Movie Edition

Reading Time: 3 minutesCalm Natural leader Charismatic Controlled Strong Unapologetic What is alpha? An alpha male is someone who is in control. He is a logical thinker. People and things do not govern his life. He has the financial and social freedom to do as he pleases, regardless of the opinion or beliefs of those around him. GET YOUR FREE COPY OF MY “ALPHA ... Read More »

Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder Part II – How to Help Yourself

Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis is Part II of a Two Part Series. In Part I (click here), we discussed what exactly social anxiety disorder is, including such things as symptoms, causes, and treatments.  My Experience I believe that anybody can  overcome their social anxiety. It may not be easy or quick, but I do believe it can be accomplished. There will always be extreme cases ... Read More »

Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder Part I – What is it?

Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder

Reading Time: 3 minutesThis is Part I of a two-part series. See Part II here.  I suffered from moderate social anxiety disorder throughout my teenage years and my early 20’s. I don’t think I fully realized the ways in which it held me back at the time, but I certainly do now. The symptoms were obvious. I feared approaching people and speaking up in class. ... Read More »