The Importance of Charitable Giving (and How You Can Help)

The Importance of Charitable Giving (and How You Can Help)

Reading Time: 7 minutesChristmas will be here in a few days, and with that, a time for me to reflect on the true meaning of the holidays and gift giving – specifically, charitable giving. This Christmas, my girlfriend and I decided to keep gifts under $50. We also plan to spend a day volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Unlike most of my possession-driven companions, ... Read More »

Why a Chip on Your Shoulder is Mandatory for Success

Why You Always Need a Chip on Your Shoulder

Reading Time: 5 minutesYou need a chip on your shoulder to maximize self-discipline and consistency. Without an intrinsic purpose, attention to detail wavers and eventually ceases. The reason why we  give up so quickly is because we do not have a strong enough purpose to stay the course, especially when complications arise. There are days where we might not feel like doing anything. That ... Read More »

Learning From Squirrels: Three Traits to Embody

Learning From Squirrels: Two Traits to Embody

Reading Time: 6 minutesSquirrels are cast as a disruptive, invasive species that serves no purpose. But they are remarkably misunderstood. Let me explain. I’ve learned that squirrels are crafty creatures we can learn a thing or two from. Being in the city, I see squirrels all the time. Perhaps a moment of serendipity, I focused on this one squirrel the other day on my way to the gym. The ... Read More »

Stoicism and Death: Making Sense of Our Eventual Demise

Using Stoicism to Make Sense of Death

Reading Time: 8 minutesEveryone dies. It is the end of all and can be a mortifying thought. I used to think about death a lot. I would get stuck, often thinking about a large black void on repeat. I told myself over and over, “the day will come where I no longer exist. I will be nothing.” Dwelling on our eventual death is unhealthy and a poor ... Read More »

How to Make Envy Work for You

Make Envy Work For You

Reading Time: 3 minutesEnvy is a complicated, often misunderstood emotion.  Envy can be destructive if you lack the proper frame. If you are constantly resentful of what others have, you are struggling with a fleeting sense of self-worth. This can be anything from material possessions to someone’s personal success, lifestyle, physical qualities, relationships, etc. If you let envy dominate your life it will ruin ... Read More »

The Dangers of Motivation (and How to Protect Yourself from Imbalance)

Dangers of Motivation

Reading Time: 6 minutes Read More »

The Death of Creativity: 10 Ways You Can Fight Back

The Death of Creativity 10 Ways You Can Fight Back

Reading Time: 7 minutesRecently I had the privilege of volunteering with a major charity organization, creating life-size board games for underprivileged children. It was fun and rewarding. Along with 15-20 of my co-workers, we worked on the projects for several hours. I was taken back by the mood of the group. People I had known for years, silent desk jockey types, were interacting in a ... Read More »

Working Hard the Right (and Smart) Way

Learning Hard Work the Right (and Smart) Way

Reading Time: 6 minutesWe have it all wrong. The way we approach success is faulty. Our focus is on the final product, the end game. We’ve lost sight of the process. The blueprint is simple. It’s been widely available for years. What is it you ask? HARD WORK! That’s it? There has to be more to it! Nope, that’s it. A daily process of hard work ... Read More »

5 Crucial Life Skills You’re Not Taught in School (and How to Learn Them)

Life Skills Not Taught in School

Reading Time: 12 minutesThe American education system is broken. We are not learning life skills necessary to succeed in today’s world. College costs continue to skyrocket (private schools now average $67,000 per year), yet the education we receive there is lackluster at best. Courses and curriculum are completely devoid of necessary life skills, and instead encourage herd mentality; get a job and sit at a ... Read More »

How to Use Kindle Highlights to Preserve Knowledge

How to Use Kindle Highlights

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe benefits of reading are known to almost everyone, yet few people I know read more than a book or two a year (maybe zero). It’s a travesty. Strong reading habits are the most surefire way to growth knowledge, vocabulary, and perspective. By reading about events, concepts, innovations, and theories – we become more creative, more skeptical, and more inquisitive about the ... Read More »