Understanding the Art of Seduction: The Siren

Understanding the Art of Seduction: The Siren

Art of Seduction - The Siren
Art of Seduction (Robert Greene)- The Siren
(This is the first part of a series on Seduction. Read here for part one, a primer on the series).

According to Robert Greene in The Art of Seduction, “The Siren is the ultimate male fantasy figure because she offers a total release from the limitations of his life.” Greene describes the Siren as a female persona, but for our purposes, we can easily examine these traits from a male perspective. In the text to follow, I will look at how you can embody the seductive charm and demeanor of the Siren.

Be Bold: The Christian Grey Effect

The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has sold over 125 million copies worldwide. Let that sink in. The book, far from a literary masterpiece, has seemingly been read by every woman you ask. Why was this book so popular? It’s simple really – the book explores the inner depths of a woman’s desires, specifically, to be pursued and dominated by a masculine, alpha male. No matter a woman’s ethnic background, age, profession, or physical location – such feelings are near universal. Even women who shun such desires publicly have a subconscious trigger that unleashes fantasies of such a man. You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who would be turned off by the actions and sexual prowess of Christian Grey. How else can you explain how the Fifty Shades Darker trailer, the next movie in the pipeline, set the single day views record at 114 million!

Christian Grey embodies several crucial traits found in the Siren personality. The most important is that he plays by his own rules.  In a crowd of 100 black hats, he is the one wearing a white one. This is your most important takeaway – the need to stand out in a crowd.

Ask yourself these two questions, and be honest when you’re contemplating the answers:

  • What kind of men do women daydream about?
  • What kind of qualities would that man have?

Women desire a man who knows what he wants, a man who pursues things with a ruthless sense of ambition. Someone who has an air of mystery around him, and who isn’t afraid to go against the grain. A woman yearns to be seduced by such a man. It’s her ultimate fantasy.

Never has it been easier to meet beautiful, desirable women than it is today. I expect it to only get easier as technology continues to advance and evolve. However, because the landscape has changed so rapidly, it has left many men in the dust. These men haven’t advanced with the times, and thus are clueless in their pursuit of women. Their game is utterly non-existent.

Another important understanding is that game doesn’t have a face. The best looking man could have the IQ of a newborn when it comes to women, just as an unattractive man could slay based upon his successful experience with women. Don’t be discouraged when looking at your competition. You are probably deceiving yourself. Physical appearance serves to compliment game, and vice versa, but frustration will be a fixture in your life unless both are mastered.

Men also fail with women when it comes to communication. Overwhelmed by a woman’s physical appearance and unsettled at their own absence of experience, such men lack the words necessary to successfully seduce women. They rely on canned, clumsy, and often ineffective lines. It’s not long before said women is bored out of her mind or simply repulsed by a man’s audacity. I honest believe most men don’t even realize their shortcomings here. They simply haven’t been taught the methods of seduction. Brainwashed by mainstream propaganda, they fall short playing the role of the nice gentlemen.

Even when a man is successful, it isn’t long until he is overwhelming her with attention. Like an anaconda squeezing the life out of its prey, such men suck the excitement out of woman. Be aware of your intensity. You want to give a little, then pull back. This is referred to as a “push pull technique.” It’s unwise and dangerous to go overboard when pursuing a woman because it will allow her to think she “has you.” Instead, maintain a sense of mystery. You want to show your interest, but not become obsessed. It will drive her wild and make her want you even more. This is the X factor, one that nearly every man lacks.

Nothing disappoints a woman more than a needy man, one who professes instant adoration and obedience. Men do this because they wrongly assume it’s how to get sex. A man thinks “if I shower her with praise and compliments and buy her gifts, she will sleep with me eventually!” On the rarest of occasions, a man might luck his way into sex with such methods. However, sustained success with women will evade the man who cannot control his needy tendencies and verbal bombardment of niceties. The men who consistently sleep with women adhere to an important principle: Once seduction is mastered the process can be applied across the board to most women without needing to resort to gifts and other subservient behavior. It’s never necessary to stoop to such needy actions.

Have an Unmistakable Presence  

For sustained success with women, you must have a unique identity. You can’t be like every other guy. Self-confidence is a must, but there is more to it than that. You must have a presence. Women are bored and it’s up to you to exploit this boredom. Women have embraced multiple forms of distractions, specifically social media, but this fails to satisfy their craving for a dominant male. Women love attention, but attention from one alpha male is equal to the fawning of multiple beta males. Women have a universal understanding of how to string along many a hapless man, but they will drop them all if they meet a worthwhile male who embodies the Siren qualities. 

It might defy logic to most, but women prefer a man with a streak of “danger” over the man who always plays it safe. The former is interesting, spontaneous, and will fulfill then fantasies and desires. The latter is eventually prone to boredom, submissiveness, and physical deterioration. Women love to be “kept on their toes,” and nobody does this better than a Siren. He mixes and matches different parts of his persona to constantly keep her guessing and wanting more. Because he never reveals himself in full, he stays the object of her affection. Weakened is the man who puts it all out there. He has extinguished the spark because there is nothing more the woman can learn of him. He’s now predictable and eventually, replaceable. Mystery reigns supreme, and need’s to be the number one tool in a man’s arsenal. Be a puzzle she is begging to solve.

You must also stand out physically. Every detail matters. Maximize your appearance, enhancing what is within your control. Things such as height and genetics should not be worried about. Never dwell upon what can’t be changed. Also keep in mind:

  • Your posture is crucial, as is your attire.
  • Always dress to impress, and master your physical movements (slow and controlled).
  • Pay attention to the way you speak. Don’t rush your words, and play up your persona by speaking deeply and with purpose.
  • Your poise should be noticeable to those around you.

Women can sniff out a man who isn’t confident. They do this by observing one’s body language. Don’t lose the game before you step on the field. To master seduction, you must have the complete package.

Summing it up

Your goal as a Siren is to unleash a woman’s deepest desires. You are feeding her fantasy. The irrationality of a woman is a marvelous thing – they will often say and do the opposite of what they truly want. It’s your mission to make her lose control, to embrace her dark side, her true intentions. Women crave masculinity, a man who can fulfill their cravings for submissiveness and femininity. Films like 50 Shades of Grey and other movies with alpha male characters drive women insane. There is a reason for this – these men play by their own set of rules. Do what other men do not – have a strong, dominating presence and act as though you are the prize. Stay calm in the presence of beauty, understand there is no limit to your conquests if you at calm and composed. Don’t chase women – chose instead to be a challenge. The forbidden fruit is always most desirable. Zig when most men zag. This is the key to seduction.

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