Apollos Hester’s Contagious Attitude
Aristocrats-hat via Flickr

Apollos Hester’s Contagious Attitude

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Apollos Hester is a high school football player from Austin, Texas. In the video below, he gives a post game interview after beating a rival high school by 1 point. I saw this video today, and was blown away by this kid’s attitude. It was almost like his speech was rehearsed (it wasn’t). The optimism, drive, dedication, and belief in the process (in this case, football) is all on display. Whether it was the kid’s parents, coaches, or mentors; someone taught this kid to have the right attitude in life.

Never stop chasing success, no matter what roadblocks you encounter.

To say the video is motivational is an understatement. If everyone had this attitude, the world would be a different place. Check it out…


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