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Alpha Phrase Series: A Man with Options

This is Part I of a series where I describe Alpha Phrases that I use with women, and that WORK with women.

The Scene

Picture this. You are out for drinks with a cute girl. The conversation is going great, the alcohol is flowing, and both of you are having a great time. The vibe of the interaction gives you a feeling that you have a good chance of going home with this girl at the end of the night. As you prepare to leave the venue, she says one of the following:

  • “You just want to have sex with me and not talk to me again”
  • “I don’t do one night stands or hookups”
  • “I’m not looking for a fuck buddy”

How to you respond to her simple shit test?

The Phrase

Listen, I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m not most guys. Most guys are thirsty as hell and will take whatever they can home with them. They have no standards and have no clue how to talk to women. I’m incredibly picky and I don’t settle. If I simply wanted sex, I would scroll through my phone.


I first got this gem of a line from a great girl friend of mine who would use it on guys with shitty game who thought they could just show up and she would have sex with them. The first time I applied it, the girl didn’t know how to respond. She was stunned I had the balls to say it, but undoubtedly believed me 100%. She backtracked on her bitchy attitude completely, realizing she better cut the nonsense or else I simply would seek sex from someone else.

gourgeousYou must say it with conviction and in a relaxed, matter of fact way. You need to stare into her eyes as you deliver it. If you do it right, is it hard-hitting. The key is that I’m not lying when I say it. I can get sex when I wish by sampling texting girls in my phone. I wear it on my face, so girls know I am not bullshitting. I know if I run my game, the end of the night will go my way. I fully intend to have sex with a girl the night I meet them. You need this bulldog mentality to be successful with women.

Women are naturally skeptical when meeting someone new due to the incredible amount of thirsty, unprepared men in the dating scene. They prepare for a bad experience and are wildly surprised and excited if you turn out to be “normal.” If you turn out to be Alpha, you will close almost every time.

They expect a guy to be pushy and demanding about sex. You can take things to the next level by using this phrase. The girl will be turned on by your confidence, as you are simply telling the truth and showing that you do not actually NEED her for sex. It also allows her to feel more comfortable with you, as you come off as someone who does not need to have sex. Your attitude and demeanor when delivering the phrase will actually  ENHANCE your chances of having sex with her THAT NIGHT. The resistance she was prepared to give you simply vanishes.

It took me a long time (lots of trial, error, and experiences) to finally feel as though I can say whatever I want without restriction while on a first date. I have zero anxiety, and my body language screams “guy with options.” I have my shit together, and I make that known very quickly in the interaction, hence the “I’m not most guys” line. If you are still anxious around new girls, I suggest you DON’T use this. But as you improve and develop, give it a try if the situation warrants it. You will not be disappointed.

Good luck.


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