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About Shameless Pride

Hey there, I’m Axel Page.

I created Shameless Pride in 2014. What started as a simple blog offering dating advice has turned into something much greater than I could have ever imagined. Today, Shameless Pride exists to fuel my passion; helping people understand the world through time-tested principles, models, and historical dissection. 

In recent year, I’ve focused my creative output around several key areas:

  • Deliberate Practice (i.e. Mastery)
  • Goal Setting & Habits
  • Philosophy
  • Human Nature
  • Mental Models & Life Principles
  • Reading & Books

I’m a student of history as well, and enjoy taking a look back to drawn parallels between the past and present (yes, everything has happened before).

My older writings focused primarily on romantic relationships, dating, masculinity, fitness, and nutrition (check out the archives).

How Can Shameless Pride Help You?

My goal is to help you connect ideas and develop a resilient core that leads to a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Above all else, I want to see you thrive and reach your maximum potential in life.

Shameless Pride will never be just another blog with generic content. I want to be selective in my publishing; a quality repository of uniquely delivered knowledge that allows you to learn and apply to your own life.

Why Shameless Pride?

As far as the name “Shameless Pride” goes, it was quickly thought up, but has come to represent a specific life approach I believe in; being relentless and unforgiving in your quest towards betterment. Never apologize for always wanting to improve yourself. At the same time, always stay grounded and grateful – luck and nature play a large part in both our successes and failures. What is here today can be gone tomorrow.

What Else?

Reading: I an a voracious reader, and find a lot of my topics and discussions through books. I usually share insights on Twitter as well. Click here to check out my reading list. I also publish my annual reading lists (see the dropdown on the main menu). 

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Are you spending your time doing what matters most to you?

If we don’t pursue our passions, are we really living, or simply existing?

Dreams aren’t intended to live and die in our minds. Thought without action is fruitless.

Our life is important. It is the only one we’ll will ever have.

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Steve Jobs on Life