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5 Styles Tips Every Man Needs

I see countless guys every day, walking around with no sense of style. I just shake my head. Sadly, most men in their mid-20’s (like myself) never learned how to dress impressively. Basic grooming also seems to be non-existent.Your appearance should SCREAM – confident, successful, powerful.

Below are 5 quick, cheap, BASIC style tips that every man needs.

1) Hair

5 Style Tips Every Man Needs

I’m blown away but the amount of guys I see out and about with the same haircut they had as a school boy. It looks terrible. If you are balding, shave that shit off – go skin bald and rock facial hair like a boss. Even if I see a guy with a decent haircut – most don’t even bother to throw some product in their hair, such as a pomade or firm hold gel.

Find a top-tier barber or better yet, a professional hair stylist (use Yelp to check out some reviews) and get a grow man’s haircut.There are no excuses for this.

Tip: A week or so after your haircut, you need to clean/maintain the hair on the back of your neck and base of your hair in the back. Buy a decent trimmer and use a small mirror to lineup the back of your head. Do this every 5-6 days until your next haircut.

George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake – those guys have hairstyles to emulate. If you are already set with a stylish cut, then use some product in it. Looking your best starts with the top of your head.

2) Facial Hair/Beard

5 Style Tips Every Man Needs

Some guys don’t rock facial hair. If that works for you, cool. But for those that do have a beard – keep it trimmed and clean. I see a lot of scrubby, patchy looking beards every day –  if it looks bad to me, it looks 10 times worse to women. Buy a beard & mustache trimmer (I use the one below), and use a straight blade to line it up and clean up your neck.

Beard & Mustache Trimmer

Buy here

3) Watch

5 Style Tips Every Man Needs

Never miss out on the opportunity to wear an eye catching, trendy watch that compliments your outfit. Aim for something big, unique and stylish. Amazon has a ton of cool, cheap watches that I have bought over the years – so make sure you have a few for different occasions and outfits. I suggest you have at least two, everyday type watches. Add some colors to your collection.

4) Fitted Shirts

Nothing looks worse than a baggy dress shirt, especially if it is also tucked in. Buy slim fit or tailored dress shirts. Even if it’s not a dress shirt, stay away from loose clothing.

5 Style Tips Every Man Needs
                                                                                   Vilnid vis Flickr

You need to put in more work at the gym if these types of shirts do not look appealing on you. Fitted shirts offer a superior fit in the shoulders, arms, and waist – and show off your masculine physique at the same time. How else does is a woman suppose to know you work out? You don’t walk around with no shirt no – the next best thing is a shirt that has a perfect fit. Throw the “blanket” dress shirts in the garbage.

5) Dress shoes

5 Style Tips Every Man Needs
Vilnid via Flickr

Another buzkill I see all the time – dudes who wear a somewhat decent outfit, and then wear a pair of worn sneakers to go with it. Invest in a few pairs of trendy dress shoes immediately. You don’t have to break the bank here either – as I have bought plenty of attractive dress shoes at prices between $50-100. Websites like Amazon, Zappos, and 6PM have some great, cheap choices. I would recommend you get started with at least one black and one brown pair, and go from there.

Bottom Line

Always look your best when you leave your house. A man who does not take care of his appearance is a nuisance to society. Get in shape and get your style to an élite level. Your current and new social relationships (especially with women) will improve drastically with these simple tips. Start today.

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