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A Thank You & 2016 Update

As you read this, I’m in the midst of a 10 day trip through Italy. I touched on this trip in my last post (and the meaning of travel), and I’m using it as an opportunity to unplug, reflect, and embrace life. History is one of my passions – so I’m sure to be indulging in that as well.

Looking back over the years, my writing has improved dramatically from when I started this blog two years ago. I went from writing exclusively on game, women, and sex to a more broad-based approach to life improvement, specifically through self-discipline and the pursuit of fulfillment. My readership has grown (slow, but steady), and I’m incredibly thankful to those who read my blog regularly, especially given the overwhelming options to choose from. I truly appreciate it.

I won’t have my usual 1000+ word post this week, so I figure I can take the opportunity to highlight some my more recent articles (in the past six months) that you might have missed:

On Emotions:

How to Make Envy Work for You

Hacking Happiness (The Rise of Human Expectations)

Stoicism and Death: Making Sense of Our Eventual Demise

On Women:

8 Reasons You Fail with Women (and How to Improve)

On Time Management & Opportunities:

How to Not Waste Life (Wisdom from Socrates)

Avoiding Eternal Despair: Missed Opportunities

8 Mental Mantras to Break Free of Inaction and Induce Massive Success

How to Destroy Time Wasting Activities

On Hard Work & Self-Discipline:

Get Unstuck: The Death Ground Strategy

Learning Self-Discipline (4 Life Areas of Focus)

Why a Chip on Your Shoulder is Mandatory for Success

Working Hard the Right (and Smart) Way

On Education:

5 Crucial Life Skills You’re Not Taught in School (and How to Learn Them)

On Health & Fitness:

The Expert Guide to Getting Motivated for the Gym

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That’s all I have for this week, but I’ll be sure to return from Italy refreshed and eager to create practical, actionable content for you guys! Every day I aim to get a bit better, and the positive response to my writing has only motivated me further.

Thanks again!

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