15 Badass Alpha Male Characters: Movie Edition


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What is alpha?

An alpha male is someone who is in control.

He is a logical thinker.

People and things do not govern his life.

He has the financial and social freedom to do as he pleases, regardless of the opinion or beliefs of those around him.


Breaking Down “Alpha”

Alpha’s have unique, identifiable characteristics that separate them from the average man.

Alpha’s dominant every layer of society.

Alpha’s are usually highly successful because they have met countless failures and persevered because of a tenacious drive to be the best.

Alpha’s usually have their pick of the litter with women, and what they leave behind are the scraps for the average man.

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How to Become an Alpha Male

Can you learn to be alpha, or is it something you innately have inside of you?

It’s a question with no clear answer.

Is it a product of how you were raised?

Can it be learned, if studied and applied?

I firmly believe that a man can change his current reality for the better is he is desperate for success.

You need to be disgusted with your current reality and devote yourself completely to creating a life of maximum happiness that goes against society’s wishes.

Most people never leave their comfort zone due to the fear of failure.

That person won’t be you.

I LOVE movies and find myself drawn to the same actors over and over.

Not only the roles they play (usually drama/action movies), but they way they carry themselves.

Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, George Clooney – just a few of the men that stay consistent no matter the role that they play.

From demeanor to appearance; these men embody all that is alpha.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Check out parts 2 and 3 below.

Below are 15 of my favorite alpha male characters in movies.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Verbal Language: Pace, word choice, pausing, delivery
  • Body Language: Confidence, deliberate movements, posture
  • Demeanor: Assertiveness, confidence, assurance

1. Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

2. Ryan Gosling – Jacob Palmer (Crazy Stupid Love)

3. George Clooney – Danny Ocean (Ocean’s 11/12/13)

4. Daniel Craig – James Bond (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall)

5. Marlon Brando – Terry Malloy (On the Waterfront)

6. Vince Vaughn – Trent Walker (Swingers)

7. Tom Hardy – Forrest Bondurant (Lawless)

8. Vin Diesel – Taylor Reese (Knockaround Guys)

9. Al Pacino – Vincent Hanna (Heat)

10. Robert DeNiro – Neil McCauley (Heat)

11. Russell Crowe – Bud White (LA Confidential)

12. Christian Bale – Patrick Bateman (American Pyscho)

13. Will Smith – Hitch

14. Alec Baldwin – Blake (Glengarry Glen Ross)

 15. Tom Cruise – Vincent (Collateral)

There is a similar theme among these actors. All are carefree and in control of their situation. It’s no coincidence that most of these men live this SAME life off the big screen. They are the power players in Hollywood; having the most money, the best looking women, and a strong sense of belief in self.

Do you see embody these characteristics? Are there any other characters from movies who show off alpha traits? Share with me below!

Until next time.

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