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The Anatomy of Success – 5 Qualities That Should Define You

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. -Steve Jobs What separates successful people from the rest of society? Is it strictly intelligence? Does upbringing play a huge role? Is it education and “knowing somebody”? My personal belief is that success is a pure function of how “hungry” you are. It is a ... Read More »

The Alpha Guide to Online Dating: Part II

This is Part II of a three-part series where I will lay out a blueprint for online dating based on my own personal success. In this section, I will breakdown how I interacted with the women on the site – from first contact to getting their number to setting the date. Make sure you have already read Part I, HERE. ... Read More »

The Alpha Guide to Online Dating: Part I

This is Part I of a three-part series where I will lay out a roadmap for online dating based on my own personal success.   I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical when I was told that online dating could be a wildly successful way to meet new women. I was incredibly busy between work and the gym, and was not ... Read More »

Why Uncertainty is a Good Thing

Most people live a fear-based existence, constantly worrying about the uncertainty of the future. Thoughts around death, lack of money and family consume the average person. Everyone is obsessed with positive outcomes. Society is obsessed with uncertainty and the result is anxiety, unhappiness, and a fear of the unknown. The only certainty is that the future is an unscripted journey ... Read More »

Stop Envying Others & Start Worrying About Yourself

Envying others is one of the most common human emotions and it transcends the globe to include every culture on the planet. Envy is resentment aroused by someone’s possessions, qualities, or luck. Most of us are envious because we feel the need to quench an addicting, egocentric urge to feel equal to or superior to those around us. Nobody likes ... Read More »

Oneitis and the Buffet of Life

You work all week and come home to an empty house/apartment. The weather is shitty and your seasonal depression has been in full swing for weeks now. You don’t have much free time, and the time you do have is wasted playing video games and watching old TV shows on Netflix. You go out to the bar or the club ... Read More »

Motivational Workout Music: Spring 14′ Edition

Solid workout music – An absolute must for a successful workout. Several studies have been done to show that music helps improve one’s performance in the gym. I have a gym playlist that has 40-50 songs. I keep this list very selective in order to avoid wasting time shuffling songs in between sets. From that playlist, I probably listen to ... Read More »

The End Meets Closure: Moving on from a LTR

Most of us have been there before. Feelings of torment, self-pity, and emotional pain when a long term relationship (LTR) ends. Regardless if you are the one who walks away, or vice versa – those types of negative feelings are common and uncontrollable. What is controllable however, is how quickly you embrace closure – bouncing back to take charge of ... Read More »

15 Badass Alpha Male Characters: TV Edition

Building on PART I of the series, which documents some of the best alpha male movie character – Below I’ve focused on characters from television shows. Focus on the below items when watching these clips. All come off as carefree, and ooze of confidence. Enjoy. GET YOUR FREE COPY OF MY “ALPHA GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING” – 35+ PAGES! Keep ... Read More »

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

The movie, “The Matrix,” introduced us to the terms “red and blue pill.” It has since developed a cult following- what do the terms mean? Blue Pill Blue pill means accepting everything as truth. You do not challenge the norm. You do not ask “why” or question the “what,” just unconsciously accept the world as presented to you. You go about your ... Read More »